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Watership Down Theory by Lennyg

Watership Down is seen in four episodes of LOST. A rabbit (Fiver), who seems to have a sort of sixth sense about things, is explaining to his leader and brother (Hazel) about reality. Fiver has been described as a sort of seer or prophet. Fiver had just saved Hazel from certain death by having a feeling he was still alive somewhere. Hazel was alive, in a drain in a ditch. Hazel says "what would we have done without you? We'd none of us would be here, would we?" Fiver replies, "You're sure we are here then?" And then explains, "Well, there's another place...We go there when we sleep; at other times, too; and when we die. El-ahrairah [more like Desmond, than G-d) comes and goes between the two as he wants...Some rabbits will tell you it's all easy there...they don't know much about (the place)...It's a wild place, and very unsafe. And where are we really --- there or here?"

That's it. Fiver never really explains much beyond this. Call it what you want but the Alt-timeline is Fiver's "other place." I think LOST will leave us with this thought. One can believe or not but there won't be empirical proof. Most will be like Hazel who responds to Fiver's question about where we are as: "Our bodies stay here---that's good enough for me." The rest is a story. In Watership Down's case, a story about a bunch of rabbits who strike out on their own because Fiver felt the imminent doom of their warren. In LOST's case, a bunch of survivors crash on The Island and the rest is history (soon).

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