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Jacob met 8 different losties off-island: Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Locke, Sun & Jin, and Hurley. Each interaction was, we assume, timed to provide a little push to guide their lives in the direction Jacob wanted.

In the alt, Jack's actions are paralleling Jacobs with respect to those meetings. So far, we've seen:

1. Jacob gave Sawyer a pen. Jack unintentionally gave Kate a pen.

2. Jacob offered Jack an Apollo bar. Jack offered Clair an Apollo bar.

3. Jacob saved Locke's life after an assault. Jack also saved Locke's life after an assault.

This next one is just a guess (I am blissfully spoiler free this season). We know that in the main timeline, Abaddon told Locke that Helen had died in a car accident. In the alt, the orderly pushing Locke's wheelchair asks him if someone is picking him up. Locke replies that his fiancee Helen is coming and must be tied up in traffic. This is right after Locke and Jack were talking. And let's not forget that Abaddon once posed as an orderly pushing Locke in the main timeline. Perhaps we get this parallel:

4. Jacob talked to Sayid as Nadia was killed in a car accident. Jack talked to Locke as Helen was killed in a car accident.

This leaves us three parallels to go:

5. Jacob got Kate out of trouble (lunchbox theft).

6. Jacob wished the Kwons good luck with their marriage.

7. Jacob asked Hurley for a favor.

I think we'll see the rest of the parallels in the last few episodes and Jack will become Jacob's replacement in the main timeline.

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