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MIB is not the smoke monster by Bama76

I believe now that MIB is not the smoke monster. I belive that the smoke monster is some type of prison guard. It was once under the control of Jacob but since he is gone, MIB assumed control of it. I think this way because in earlier season's we were told that the smoke monster was the temple guardian. We then see Ben call the smoke monster from the cave in his cabin to defeat the Merc's. Do we really think that MIB would be summoned by Ben to defeat these Merc's? I know I have some holes here but this is where I am leaning as of right now in the show.

I think this because I also feel that Hurley is the one who released the MIB. I think MIB was giving Ben his marching orders from the cabin (ash around the cabin, was not Jacob, asked for Locke's help, have to be invited in by Jacob at the statue). But when Hurley came across the cabin in the jungle, he began to run away from the cabin and his foot moved a small amount of the ash thus giving MIB just enough room to escape from his "prison" and begin to influence people again against Jacob but was still being guarded by Jacob's monster. It just seem's like this is when everything begins to really go wrong for everyone on the island. MIB does not really want to leave the island. Jack was right, he just wanted them all in the same spot (remaining candidates) so he could kill them and prove Jacob wrong - man cannot be changed. It's still a guess for me if Jacob is even alive. Could he have taken Sayid's body in the pool, possibly but I don't see it. Is Jack already the Island protector and that's why he seem's to be so important to the MIB? Possible. Jack has been acting more and more like Jacob as time progresses.

There's so many remaining questions for the show. I hope they cover as many as possible. This upcoming episode is finally the Jacob / MIB episode so I hope they do give us a lot more information to digest before the season finale.

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