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Holy crap I think I just figured something out in Lost... All season long I've been waiting for a shootout in the water when some island folk are taking a trip between the main island and Hydra island. But it hasn't happened yet. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, there was an incident last season that occured when the island had become unstuck from time. The time jumping Losties find themselves been pursued by a group in another outrigger, who eventually open fire. Juliet ends up shooting one of them and then they flash through time again.

Ever since that episode I've been waiting to discover the identity of the other group, and I initially thought it was just some of the Ajira flight passengers that had left Hydra island but season five came to a finish and we where never shown. And 14 episodes into season 6 we've had numerous outrigger journeys but nobody fired on any mysterious vanishing boats. The only people left on the main island yet to come over to Hydra but plan to, are Richard, Miles and Ben. Miles falls in to the same category as Charlotte, DesmonD, Black chick and Lapidus. The writers can kill them off quickly and nobody will complain too much.

So consider this, the outrigger was found at the Losties camp site by time travelling Sawyer and co, and the place looked fairly trashed, as it does in season 5/6.

In season 6, it was recently reoccupied by(most of)The Candidates, people who are dead now, Richard, Miles and Ben. The latter three? They're off over at Dharmaville gathering explosives to blow up the Ajira plane which, ironically, was already set to blow.

So it does seem possible they got two out riggers, set them up at Camp Lostie ready to go, and then planned on using them to transport the explosive loot they bring back, over to Hydra. Only when they got back, one of their outriggers is gone, so they chase after them because maybe they need both?

And who is the likeliest candidate to get shot? It would have to be Miles. Or it could be Richard... Miles still might be useful to the island. But I'm going to go with Miles due to the fact that Richard been killed off so easily for someone who's lived a long time would just be a poor decision in my opinion.

So yeah that's how I see the fate of Miles in the OT panning out, And how they will explain who was in the other Outrigger.

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