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Jack is the new Jacob by AlternateChris

If you look at Lost as a whole, there's no specific way in catagorising its genre. It's one show that explores all types of story telling through different ways and styles such as hard drama, action, romance... even time traveling, science fiction and most importantly the fight between good and evil. One aspect of Lost that is certainly clear on my part, is that Lost has always been one massive journey.

So whos journey? Well obviously, it's everyones journey. The survivors, The Others, The Dharma Initiative etc. But of course who's the one character we've followed through everything? Before Island, on Island, after Island, return to the Island, he created an alternate time line and is one of three remaning Canditates to become the sole protector of the island... of course Jack is going to get the job. How could he not? His whole journey through Lost has been basically prepairing for this moment. And now it's here. Here's my (pretty long) list of what I'd say is concrete evidence, sorta speak, as to why it's true, and how we already know it's true...

First of all, you'd look at the other two canditates: Sawyer and Hurley. Saywer wants off the island big time, and is too focused on his plans against The Man in Black to care about the walfare of the island. Hurley. Yeah he can commune with the dead and has slowly become a solidified member high up in the heirarchy, but we know Hurley ain't a leader.

Jack. First of all, he's the first character we ever see in the Pilot episode. He's the main character. Everyone listens to him and he pretty much takes the job of leader of the survivors within the first few days. You could say the first four seasons of Lost were Jack's test to being the leader. He had to make tough decisions, lost friends and even got people killed. But he's always done his best to protect and save everyone.

Jack has gone from being a man of science, a man of faith, a believer of destiny to finally inevitably becoming the protector of man. His journey has been the most trivial. He got everyone off the island, to only bring them back again. He was to sacrifice everything changing the future, only to realise his destiny still awaits him on the island. Yet he didn't fail, as because of his actions... everyone on Oceanic 815 did NOT die, and now are alive again in a parallel universe. Even after doing that, he the Island is not done with him yet. He clearly cannot kill himself after what happened in the Black Rock with Richard. He is still to finish his journey and complete his destiny.

I believe that once Jack becomes Jacob officially, Sawyer and Hurley will no longer be candidates. Therefore anything can happen to them. Either they'll leave or die. I don't see Hurley dying but at the end of the day... why wouldn't he? There's only a few hours left of Lost it would make good television! I just totally envision Jack sat on the beach talking to Locke just like Jacob and the Man in Black in the last scene of the show. It doesn't matter who lives and dies now anyway seen as everyone is beginning to remember everything what happened on the island in the alternate time line anyway... We just need to sit back and enjoy the ride and stuff blowing up! Jack and Locke will be the only remaining guys left!

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