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I bawled like a baby watching James and Juliet meet at the vending machine, but was not crazy about the idea that they then "moved on" so quickly. I hope there's reincarnation and they get a longer shot at happiness in another life. They're not done with each other.

But I digress.

This is not a theory about the sideways being a parallel universe caused by jughead. Christian's speech was AN ANSWER -- the longest and most explicit one we've gotten in six years. He told us exactly what it was and I accept it. Juliet's saying "It worked." was part of the dialogue with Sawyer. Miles reads last thoughts. Her last thoughts were that flash.

Other than her three years of playing house with James, Juliet's glife was pretty miserable. A broken family, a first marriage to a complete tool, her sister's cancer and then trapped with the others and confronted with a problem she can't solve.

She created the problem.

If what happened, happened then there was a jughead explosion. There was an incident involving the EM release and radiation from the bomb as well. I don't believe it actually detonated, because that would not have caused an island to sink and it would not have left up buildings and the foot of the statue. I do think it released radiation and for whatever whacky island reason it didn't cause cancer or the other effects it would have in the world but it did cause sterility.

I also think there was enough silence afterwards and confusion about the incident that whatever happened was a mystery and a secret and after the purge no one new exactly what happened and how it was related to the pregnancy issues.

This is also a major TIME PARADOX by the way. Juliet was brought to the island to solve a fertility issue, but if she had never been brought to the island, then jughead would not have gone off and there would never have been a fertility issue.

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