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I haven't been viewing a lot of fan forums (nor have I read any spoilers), so apologies if this is already a much-debated and/or spoiled theory.

Basics of the theory:

(1). Locke (alt-timeline Locke) will be the candidate who ultimately becomes Jacob's substitute - not Jack or any of the other remaining Island candidates (though I assume Jack will be instrumental in making this possible).
(2). In the series finale, there will be a merging of the island and alt-timeline consciousnesses of those "touched" by Jacob in the series 5 finale. So, Jack, Kate, Jin, Sun, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, and Locke will all have full knowledge of both their island and alt-timeline consciousness / mind / history. (I assume this will accompany the island world disappearing, and only the alt-timeline remaining -- i.e. only the island timeline will remain, but those touched by Jacob will all have the memory/consciousness of their island timeline also.)
(3). In this merge, alt-timeline Locke -- the "new" Jacob -- will gain the consciousness of Flocke. Thus, the roles of Jacob and MiB will be represented by a single person -- Locke.
(4). This will represent the "end" ("it only ends once") that Jacob was talking about in the series 5 finale, as finally the forces that Jacob and MiB represent will be fully in balance within a single person.

Support for the theory:
(A). Locke's name was not crossed out as a "candidate" in the cave. Flocke himself crossed it out, but Jacob had never crossed it out. I think that was intentional (and not just that Jacob didn't have time / didn't know that the real island-Locke was dead).
(B). The show has been careful not to paint Jacob as completely good and MiB as completely bad -- rather, they represent two different approaches to life. (Faith versus doubt/realism/answers, sacrifice versus self-focus, choice versus manipulation/randomness -- however you want to set up the dualities.) The show has suggested that both sides are needed for appropriate balance -- this is why there's been a focus on the appropriate balance of "scales" (both what Dogen said in Sundown about the scales inside each person, as well as the literal scale by the cliffs with the white and black rocks on it), and why both Jacob and MiB both need to be on the island. Each side by itself can lead to abuses and excesses, so they need to both be there to balance each other out.
(C). This is the coolest answer to "who is _the_ candidate and how will the timelines merge" that I can think of, and we all know Darlton love "cool" outcomes. Plus, thematically I think it makes the most sense, the idea of two sides needing to be in balance, and ultimately to be a balanced, full person you need to have both sides represented.

I assume that whatever mythology background we get about Jacob/MiB in the remaining four episodes will round out this theory plot-wise and give it even more resonance.

I recognize the theory is flawed in that, technically, Flocke is not actually possessing island-Locke's body -- there are two separate bodies, with actual Locke's dead body buried, so if there was a merging of consciousnesses it would seem to not necessarily need to involve Flocke.


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