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An element of truth by LordByronLovesCake

Apologies if this is stepping on anybody's toes...I have read these theories for months and obviously everything I have watched and read has influenced my thinking.


MIB was indeed the security system, or rather the smoke monster.
Just like Widmore said to Desmond "You are going to have to make a sacrifice" Jacob and MIB had to do the same. MIB lost his humanity as he explained. In doing so he became the essence of the security system by being a powerful pillar of black smoke. His sole purpose to protect the world from the darkness. After centuries of bitterness and fading belief that man indeed needs protecting from the darkness, MIB says to Jacob "Please let me leave"

Jacob in trying to help people through their difficult periods is indeed trying to help MIB even up until his death, by trying to "prove me wrong". He does not want MIB to feel that he was punnished, tricked or lost his humanity for nothing, and ultimatey the people that arrive on the island are potential candidates to prove that humanity is worth saving. That the darkness needs to stay in its place, and not be released.

MIB obviously had alterior motives, and in having knowledge of the island's abilities to bend space and time, instigated the time shifts, the chain of events of manipulation, persusian and circumstances for John Locke to be the loophole in which Ben killed Jacob.


Both men, when working for the same team, had the inside knowledge of time travel, using the donkey wheel etc. This is how MIB knew how to play the game, and begin to change events for his endgame. I believe that just like most things in lost and the theory of balance, I think that the two other big characters - Widmore and Hawking are balanced also.

Hawking - sidekick of the MIB (having needed to change events after killing her own son!)

Widmore - sidekick of Jacob, in trying to become the force that prevents the darkness from leaving the island. Clearly Widmore is misunderstood and has a reputation, however he has too much at stake to kill everyone, exploit the island and allow it all to go to shit.


Just when I thought there might be an end in sight, they go and stick a kid, maybe 2 kids in the jungle, running around like they own the joint. Part of me thinks that this is either (Or both) Jacob and the MIB if indeed two kids rather than one. Child versions of them travelling through time from the past to see how the rules are being followed - "You know the rules"

Then it got me thinking - Walt!!!

He's been around here and there, came to John in season 3 on the brink of death saying "Get up John, you have work to do".
Now clearly Walt is not dead, so how can the MIB be Walt in that scene? And don't just tell me that was a hallucination or a dream! And the Whispers - Please!!!


Not a bloody clue! It could go a number of ways.
A loop, an explosion, a plane crash, the ALT reality merging, Desmond being an outlet for the electromagnetic energy.
Maybe just maybe, MIB will see that people are good, admit that he's wrong, make a cup of tea and go back under the temple like a good boy!

Whatever happens, I'm sure everyone will not be completely satisfied.

In my head I would love nothing more than Jack to have a near death experience, or die in ALT - sacrificing his life with his kid, resulting in him switching to the island, waking up in the jungle from the plane crash, and not remembering anything that he went through! Begin season one again!!

Thanks for reading, I am sure there are lots of things to pick holes in, but hey I'm not that much of a nerd, I just like the show and thought I'd share my thoughts!

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