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With 5 hours of Lost left, there are probably a lot of people who have been reading spoilers. I’m not one of them and can hardly imagine doing that so close to the end of 6 seasons. So if you’re tempted, don’t eat the apple.

The Board, The Pieces, and The Game

I’ve always believed Lost is a game being played out between two players. The season 5 finale proved this with MIB’s and Jacob’s conversation. I believe the pieces are the characters on Lost. I also find it interesting that Backgammon was used as a comparison rather than Chess. And I think I know the reason. In Chess, pieces have different values and there are two kings. Once either king is eliminated, the game is over. But in Backgammon, there are no kings and each piece has the same value. If it were a chess game and if Jacob was the white king, the game would already have ended. Chess would not have worked. In a way, I think Jacob is playing backgammon while MIB thought they were playing chess (thought it would be over when he eliminated the King).

The big point here is that people are the pieces in the game, whatever the game may be. And as it often is in both these games, expect lots of pieces to be coming off the board as the game nears it’s conclusion.

Desmond’s Eye

I’m assuming this has already been theorized, but Desmond appears to know what (or a lot of) what is going to happen. Going back what seems like an eternity ago, Desmond engaged the failsafe, did some naked jungle running, and could see glimpses of the future. It appears that when Widmore again subjected him to mass magnetism, Desmond’s foresight became more powerful than a juiced-up Mark McGuire. Desmond knows what is going to happen. He may not know every exact event (thus being surprised when Locke dumped him in the well), but he can see flashes of the future and is now moving pieces to get people in the right places (i.e. gathering people/pieces) at the hospital. I think we will see this with his actions on Locke. Locke needed to be severely injured so Jack would operate on him. My guess is that Jack will not only save Locke, but will be able to reverse his paralysis.

Who will take Jacob’s Place?

Jacob was selecting candidates to take his place. Assuming he’s not B-S-ing us, I think someone will be the new Jacob. Jack is probably the most logical candidate. The show has often centered around him and he was the hero, the leader, etc. There are many arguments for Jack. But I think Desmond is another valid option. And yes, I know Hume was not on the wheel. Then again, we don’t know who Wallace is and maybe Desmond is Wallace. My argument for Des is this…Jacob was an expert at arranging people/pieces. Jacob, at some level, had the gift of foresight. Example…he sat outside the building waiting for Locke to fall to his death/near death. He KNEW this was going to happen. Desmond shares this ability, and now more than ever. He has that same look of acceptance that Jacob so often wore.

Will there be an MIB to play the game against the Jacob’s replacement?

I say yes. And I say it will remain the current MIB. Nobody has come out as being enough of a (insert appropriate foul language description here) to take MIB’s place. Maybe Widmore. Maybe. But the current MIB seems to be the nastiest.


I have absolutely nothing to base this on except that it would be a head trip. Vincent was the second character who appeared in the 1st episode. And if you watched the little Lost clips (forgot the names), Christian sent him to “Go find my son.” Think about that for a moment. If we believe MIB when he says he was Christian (not sure I do believe him, but let’s go with it), that means MIB sent Vincent to check on Jack. Woa. Is there a chance that Vincent was a part of MIB. Maybe like one head of the three-headed monster? A spy in the camp, watching and reporting back to MIB. Vincent often disappeared and reappeared…gathering intel and reporting back? Hasn’t MIB been called a security system? We’ve heard MIB say that he is stuck in Locke’s form. How trippy would it be if he became stuck in Vincent’s form? Last scene…dog runs up onto the beach where Jacob’s statue is, sits down staring at the statue, and … growls, deep and low.

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