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Possible answers to questions by Tjcc

First off, I for one loved the finale, because it focused on what the series was really about, which was the characters. However, i do agree that they could have answered more questions, but i do think the writers left some hints as to what the answers were. And so, i am going to post what I think the answers to some of these questions are, based on things i saw in the series.
So lets begin.

Is Aaron special?
We were led to believe that Aaron was "special". However, we are never shown any evidence towards this. Thats because Aaron was not special, the Others just thought he was because he had been born on the island. But, the trouble had not been with children being born, it was children who were concieved on the island.
Which leads me to.......
Why do women die if they become pregnant on the island?
If you look at the timeline for this, then the answer becomes clear. The last baby conciever and born on the island was Ethan in 1977. Later in 1977, the Incident occured. With this evidence, we can assume that the reason women cant give birth after cincieving on the island is because of either the massixlve amounts of electromagnetic energy or nuclear waste from the hydrogen bomb which were leaked at the Incident.
What was the Hurleybird?
I never really understood why this was such an important question to some people, but maybe the Hurleybird was another sign from Jacob which was meant to show Hurley how special he was. Or, it was just some random bird who made a sound which sounded like Hurley's name.
Who built the statue?
Im sure in the 1500+ years Jacob was on the island, he brought many candidates to the island, and most likely some of these people (possibly ancestors of the Others) built a large statue, probably under the direction of Jacob seeing as that later became his home.
What are Walt's powers?
This is one thing which they never really left any kind of hint or clue as to what the answer was. Unfortunately, Malcolm David Kelley had to grow to be 6 foot 8, so they had to write Walt out of the show. I do think that Walt is i some of the extras on the DVD though, so maybe theyll adress this there.
What exactly happened at the Incident?
Pretty simple, now that we know what the flash-sideways are. The bomb did not go off, and it eventually became the failsafe key in the swan hatch. Also, I believe the time flash was caused by the electro-magnetic energy which was
being released from the drill hitting the pocket of energy.
Please comment and tell me what you think. And for thise of you who didnt like the finale, if and when you watch the series again, think about the show as being about the characters rather than bring about the mysteries and the sci-fi parts. And don't let the ending change how you think about the entire series.

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