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The conversation between Ben and Hurley at the end of "The End" touched on and simplified many of the rules and mysteries of the island. When Ben suggests that the first step was to get Desmond home Hurley remarks that it can't be done since to his experiences nobody can leave the island. But Ben remarks that now that Jacob is gone Hurley can make the rules as he wants, which is similar to a conversation between young jacob and MiB where MIB says something like "one day you'll have a game and make up your own rules."

From there we can infer that the rules/constraints of the island were all by Jacob's design, set in place because he felt they were important from his own life perspective. He made it difficult to leave the island because that is all his brother wanted to do and Jacob felt it was wrong from his upbringing. He made it so that the candidates were protected in life as he and the MiB were when their mother was protector of the island. As for island pregnancies candidates are brought to the island to replace the protector Jacob and must have little to want to return home to as said by Jacob. If you are conceive a child on the island you eventually die during pregnancy because once you become a mother then would be difficult to then discourage someone to raise their child and protect an island. The physics and properties of the island have existed well before Mother and Jacob were protectors and will exist long after Hurley and Ben died on the island, but all of the rules that govern interactions between those on the island that was witnessed by us through 6 seasons was designed by Jacob. If there are other interactions that i'm not thinking of and could also be tied up comment below and perhaps some form of the island rules could exist.

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