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After watching last nights finale I am still seeking answers for the various plot holes that have yet to be explained (and probably never will be). To put it simply, I found the ending to be VERY disappointing. Introducing all these story arcs, plot lines, characters and mysteries just to tell us that none of it matters because they all "moved on" together in the end?

I for one can't let go that easily. I can't help but remember all of the things left unresolved that were introduced into the show so I figured I would post my thoughts to see if anyone else had the same ideas.

Some of these may have been resolved and I may have missed so bear with me:

What is so special about Walt?? they made him such a big deal then they just completely abandoned this story line.

Why are there still supply drops to the island even after the Dharma Initiative people are all dead?

Why can the animals talk??? (The bird that screamed "Hurley" in season 3 and the Polar Bear that screamed "Walt" in season 1).

What the hell is MIB's name????

What are the rules of the island??? (we have heard of many instances of characters that have broken the "rules" but they never told us what they are).

If the island is limbo (a place where dead ppl are held until they are ready to move on.) then how can ppl die on the island and how can living ppl be there)?

Why did Mile's dad keep changing his name everytime he did a Dharma station video??

Why did Jacob's cabin keep moving around the island?

Who built the ruins? and for what purpose??

Are the light in the heart of the island and the energy kept pushing the button for, the same thing???

I would really like to know your thoughts on these questions, also If I have missed any mysteries, feel free to add them in the comment section...

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