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I've heard some people question why MIB needed to die once he was made mortal. SERIOUSLY?

Here goes.

The light has to remain on, but turning it off makes MIB mortal. Therefore it was Desmond's purpose all along to be the one to wade through the light to turn it off, Jack's purpose to kill MIB, and once he had, it was again Jack's purpose to restore the light, passing the torch onto the passive and always rational Hurley to defend the island.

So YES, he had to be killed. Jack could have simply turned the light back on, but then MIB becomes immortal again and smokey still exists. And the light has to stay on, so by using Desmond to turn it off, it gave jack a window of opportunity to kill MIB.

So really what you just saw was that Jacob had brought everybody there on purpose for this very end. He'd brought Alpert to help guide people as necessary, Dharma to find the power source and build the button, so that he could bring Desmond to push it and gain invulnerability to the light, so that he could bring the losties who would kill MIB, once Desmond was had turned off the light, and the the losties would restore the light, and take Jacob's place.

That's the story. The whole thing. The losties hung out in a pergatory type of place until they'd all passed away, and then they met up so they could move on to the afterlife. And all after they defended the source of all life. It was an amazing story.

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