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Jacob wants to save his brotha by Sanjay

The way the story has unfolded with the audience sometimes siding with the MIB and blaming Jacob for a few things, it seems that some redeeming must happen for both Jacob and MIB.

Jacob has that sadness in him for what has happened to MIB and all his plans have been to protect the Island and liberating his brother.
If someone is responsible and feels responsible for the fall of a loved one you would expect them to do everything in their power to make amends.

The Finale will all be about the Redemption of MIB.The focus is not on what Jack or any other Losties do rather on what MIB does and how he gets freedom by dumping his Smokie persona.

It won't be a surprise if at the end of Lost we find the two brothers having a beer and watching a Red Sox game!
TPTB would not have gone to so much trouble creating sympathy for MIB and just discard him as evil impersonate.
So how all this unfolds will have a tragic feel about it with a happy ending nonetheless.
By now purely scientific answers are out of bound and emotions have taken over.
The game ends in a draw and life goes on.

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