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Desmond, MIB and the Cave Energy by John_W88

Hi, apologies if someone has already posted this idea before.

We know that Desmond can survive extreme levels of electromagnetism such as the hatch detonation and Widmore's test. The energy that was in the hatch was the weird super charged energy inside the island. I think its a safe assumption to say that its the same energy as the secret cave entrance energy where smokey was created (or at least something similar). Perhaps Desmond can enter the cave and return without being harmed as part of the final episode.

The candidates are there to protect the cave from being entered which keeps the whole world safe. I think MIB wants to kill Jacob and all the candidates as once they are all gone the cave will be available to everyone as no-one is guarding it. I believe this is MIB's ticket off the island because he will either get teleported to a place in time like tunisia or he will go to the alternate universe. We know the smoke monster is aware of this as we see him attempting to build the donkey wheel in across the sea to get himself off the island.

The alternate universe can be accessed as we saw Desmond go to one when he turned the failsafe key. It can be argued that this was actually a time travel to the past but I disagree. Eloise Hawking was there to greet Desmond and she behaved exactly like she did in the alternate universe with Desmond which suggests that its not time travel.

A loophole with this idea is that why cant the smoke monster just turn the donkey wheel and leave the island? I think its something to do with where it was created and similar to the Lord of the Rings it can't be undone unless its at where it was originally created. I think alternate Desmond is aware of this and is therefore trying to get as many candidates together as possible to prevent this from happening somehow on the other side (but that is really speculating).

Desmond himself could act as a failsafe to somehow extinguish the light in the cave should MIB ever gain access to it. This is why MIB wants Jacob dead, the candidates dead and Desmond dead. For the plane and the submarine we are already becoming aware that this is not MIB's ticket off as he's actually using them to kill the candidates. Desmond has also already been mentioned to be useful to team Jacob and perhaps this is his purpose (but who knows!)

If you can get past the the loopholes this theory actually ties things together quite nicely, so what do people think? It isn't that complicated so the audience will find it easy to understand it as well

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