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First time writer on two different issues - let me know what you think

Jughead's purpose
The purpose of detonating jughead was the creation of the sideways alt world. Juliet, in her dying breath said it worked. What worked was giving the island castaways an alternate, better reality to go to upon their dying the real island world. They will all die in the island world and live happily in the alternate world, which was the goal of detonating jughead.

Why Women Can't Give Birth
Additionally, I think that Jacob explained last night why women can't give birth and live on the island. Jacob explained the people who were on the island come to the island to essentially find themselves; they were all alone, looking to find a purpose. Once a woman has a child, she is a mother and automatically has a purpose. She is no longer alone, thus no longer needs the island. Because of this, once a woman gives birth, she must die on the island and end up in the sideways world to be with her baby. Sun was not the candidate, as she was a mother, but Jin was. Now that they have died on island, they have a purpose and family in the alternate world.

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