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First of all English is not my native language so forgive me for some errors.

When i first saw the finally i just hated it! i thought it was such a let down.. but after watching the last 5 episodes again i came to a new conclusion that made me change my mind!

Now into my finale theory..

All what Lost is about it's the debate between Faith and Science. This is very clear from the very beginning and the 2 representers were Locke and Jack.
Locke was the only one that believed that everything happens for a reason and what made him believe that? a miracle.. (he walked again). On the other side was Jack. A Doctor that always tried to explain everything with logic and put his instincts/faith aside. During the series we saw the survivors divided many times between these 2 sides.
And now we go to the Source of the island.. the light!
Jacob's mother told us very clearly that every man has a little of this light inside him
and that once this light go out in the cave then it will go out everywhere forever.
She also said that people are a threat for this light (people are bad/corrupted).
What is basically happening here is that the Light is the Faith and the source of eternal life/salvation. We saw very clearly that when Desmond turned the light off Locke/Smoke lost immediately his powers.. the same happened for Richard he saw a white hair for the very first time. As it seems according to lost mythology the afterlife is a no-time land.. as Christian said at the final scene.. there is no "NOW" in this place… this is what exactly happened in the island as well.. when you are near this light source the time stops. When the real locke died the survivors lost their Spiritual leader (Locke) and Science took over.. this is where besides Jack Farraday appears into play as we see the series taking a complete scientific approach. Faith was lost and the logic explanation of things took over and led to some tragic mistakes. This is no coincidence that Smokey is using Lockes body.. a man that represents science (and exploration of the unknown) goes inside the body of Locke the man of Faith so he can further divide the people in the island. But enough with all that.. what we get in the finale is that a man of Science (Jack) finally "believes" and this leads to Salvation. In the end Jack just goes down in the cave without knowing nothing at all to restore the source of light and bring salvation to the world. If he didn't do that people would not be spiritually saved in the end. he saved everyone else with his action. This is why when the doors open at the end we see the light. it's the same light that lights the heart of the island.. is the faith that brings salvation at the end of everyones lives.. is the light that some people are trying to put out. Well it seems that to save someones spirit is more important than save his real life. It seems that everyone believes at the end...
Although i don't agree with that (im not a religious person) i can see that lost is a USA made series and unfortunately everything has to be played safe and be politically correct.. but regardless if i agree or not with the faith side winning here i find this ending amazing,wonderful and very peaceful. I hope that haters of the finale like i was in the past will now see the finale differently and will appreciate it. thank you lost for 6 wonderful years!

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