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We were told that in FSW, James Ford's (he is not known as Sawyer there) parents were conned by Mr Sawyer, resulting in their death.

We also know that that Mr Sawyer is the same Anthony Cooper as in OT, who is Locke's father.

We know that Locke was in good relations with him, and while he took him as first passenger on a plane flight something happened that caused A.C to be in what appears like vegetative state, while Locke was paralyzed. Locke doesn't remember what happened exactly, but thinks that it must be his fault - he made some mistake and crashed the plane, resulting in the injuries.

I think that it is not the case. A few reasons:
1. Antony Cooper was a bad guy. I believe he was in the middle of trying to get Locke to donate him a kidney - he just never got to this part, so Locke doesn't know it.
2. All 3 plane crashes in the show so far happened on the island itself (815, 316, drug smuglers). If the writers wanted to give a clean explanation for Locke's being paralized in FSW, they could use a car crash.
3. MIB is bad and tries to escape - it will be poetic justice that in the end he is given his wish, but with an evil twist.

Having something happen at the end of the show that will make MIB think that he escapes into FSW, and locking him in A.C's body will be a good punishment for two bad guys. At the end Locke will understand what happened, will stop blaming himself for the accident, and maybe will let Jack fix his spine.

As to what exactly happened in the plane I don't know, but my guess is - the plane was transported to the island (OT), MIB somehow came along, and it was transported back. We will see exactly how in 3 weeks time.

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