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Jack's death does not make sense by Bama76

I really enjoyed the end of lost but feel cheated by the writer's a bit.

Question: When did Jack die?

We're showed a scene was Jack wakes up in his apartment and has a cut on his neck. Later we then see that while Jack is operating on Locke in purgatory, they are having their throw down on the island. As Locke gets the upper hand, the knife cut's Jack's neck at the same time he bleed's in Purgatory. So if we are watching Jack move thru Purgatory in LAX the entire season (Yes, I remember that time does not matter in Purgatory), happening's on the island are directly affecting Jack in Purgatory. Is this a mistake by the writers? Unsure. Of course time is the real answer here. When was the happening's on the island occuring versus the no time aspect of the LAX happenings. And Hurley & Ben's small but important conversation add's more fuel to my fire. How long were they on the island, did they bring people there, did Hurley have the touch, etc..

I personally belive now that they all died in the plane crash. We we're shown this as the last scene of lost. The plane wreck there, not dismantled and used for their original village but everything in it's place. I truly cannot give a name to the island time other than another poster's term, lower purgatory and LAX being upper purgatory.

If this is the case, then really Jacob and MIB have no real meaning unless they were truly angel's of some kind, or some other religous entity since we saw the stained glasss at the end. Where they just wrote in to for us the fans or did they have another purpose like preparing the losties to move to the next purgatory.

This does not make a lot of sense, I know. But things are not jiving as far as Jack is concerned to the end of Lost. I know it's now over and I actually did not expect to be given all the answer's but is seem's like the ending was rushed and crammed in without referring back to previous episodes / information provided to the viewing public.

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