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OK so after watching the finale I thought I would submit a theory about what I think it all meant.

First of all I see a lot of people thinking they either died at the plane crash or during the explosion of jughead, but that's not true they all died at different times we just saw Jack's ending. They give reference to this several times, Jack asks Christian if all the others are dead and he says everyone dies, some of them died before him (Charlie, Shannon, etc.) and some after (Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, etc.) and because time doesn't work in purgatory like it does on earth they were all sort of suspended in time until they all died so they could find each other again. Christian also says that they were all the most important people in each others lives so how could that be if they died on the plane, and also Hurley tells Ben he was a great number 2 so obviously they went on to protect the island for quite some time. I also liked how they couldn't move on until their issues and misdeeds were resolved which is why Ben can't move on yet and probably why Ana Lucia isn't ready yet.

I also noticed people seem to think that when the source was removed that is when Jacob's rules were put to an end and the MIB could be killed but I think the rules changed when Jack became the protector, I think that Jacob's slate was wiped clean for Jack to start making the rules, this is seen when Richard starts to age which happens before Desmond removes the source, so I was thinking this had to have happened when Jacob became the protector too so if the mothers rules was the boys could never hurt each other maybe they could have after she died but they never actually knew the rules changed so never tried.

Hopefully this clears up some of the problems people seem to be having with the finale.

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