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dude i sat down and thought about it... nothing was given to us spoon fed.. which i love..

emotionally satisfied but some things i had to realize for my self.. Do you remember the box on the island that ben was talking about back in season 3, im pretty sure its that electro magnetic (the heart of the island) thing that dharma folk were drilling in to.. was the box, and man has been trying to get at it for a long time including MIB because of what it can do, "whatever you wanted, imagined to be inside there it would be" and faraday was completely wrong and wright in some respects.. his plan was to make the plane never crash.. it worked.. now my thoughts are all over the place but our main characters opened the box with JUGHEAD and for some really cute reason all the oceanic survivors wanted the same thing, they wanted to be together in life or after death, remember how they all stared at each other as jack through the bomb in.. but didn't want the island, and to forget the island entirely.. . well they created the alternate universe (happy after life limbo world) the island was at the bottom of the sea because they created this world without the island or buried it, the fact is why faraday and some of our castaways were saying this world is wrong is because forgetting the island (sinking it in their world to the bottom of the ocean) was wrong. they needed to remember the island their time spent together to realize their love and to move on together, to leave the world that they created with the box. the characters wanted to live together for ever so none of them had died alone, They created a world in which their lives were what they wanted to be, jack wanted to be a father, his son was created, see how easy it was for locke to walk, he let go and let himself be fixed.. in the end they all remembered the island found each other and were ready to leave the afterlife box world and be at peace..

One thing on my mind was why were there these rules.... well the box kinda outlines the rules, ppl like jacob and his mother and hurley are able to make the rules, change them if they are the guardians.. so mother of MIB and jacob set the rule about killing each other... the candidates couldn't be killed by MIB, in limbo rules like forcing the island on ppls memories wasn't allowed they had to realize it them selves ect.. well love lost LOVE THE FACT THAT PPL WILL REALIZE THAT ALL THE ANSWERS ARE THERE.. U HAVE TO FIND THEM AND REALIZE THEM URSELF, DAMON AND CARLTON ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TELL US.. THOSE ARE THE RULES... lol

what do u guys think


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