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I just posted this theory earlier today...and thanks to comments on it by Shide, I would like to enhance this theory a little further if you will.

Here is the theory posted earlier in all its glory...word for word. ***stars mark the beginning and the end.

****Im a long time reader of all of your theories. They keep me informed and entertained thru this crazy experience we call LOST. This is my fist time posting so please be gentle.

I dont know how they would do it but, it seems it could be possible. As well could a host of other mind bending alternatives.

What if somehow, someway ALT Jack ends up trying to "fix" everything and ends up flashing onto the island..in the MTL. As he wakes he finds himself in the jungle. He runs to the beach and wouldnt you know it...Our Losties from 2004...the plane crash.

What if Jack died in MTL on the plane?...And the Jack we have seen all along is ALT Jack?

I know you can probably blow a whole in this theory but I always wondered what the hell Jack was doing so far from the plane in the Pilot episode. I got a feeling we will be seeing something to that effect...I hope so any way.

I heard that the show was originally titled "Circle"...If a scenario like this would happen....the storyline would certainly come full circle...just a thought.

Also if you go back to the Pilot...when Jack wakes up..is it me or is that instrument of death Ben used a number of times laying next to his head??...that rod thingy..lol.

I dont know...this show keeps me guessing and I love it...as long as I dont get a Sopranos ending I will be thrilled...I just thought this possiblity was very intiguing.

Your thoughts are welcomed and your vicious retorts are feared...lol.

Too all my fellow Losties I bid you good day....See you in another life brotha's!****

Now through reading the comments onthis theory, Shide mad a brillant point.

If ALT Jack is the one that wakes up in jungle WHY HASNT HE MENTIONED DAVID IN ALL THIS TIME???...

Well here is my enhancement...

What if this is what Jack has to do? What if he has to sacrifice the ALT? Sacrifice David...his memories of David. Sacrifice "saving" John Locke...sacrifice what seems to be a better life in the ALT to save us all in the MTL...hmmm. Just a thought.

Also in closing...think about the meaning of Jacks tat's??...What is the meaning of his tatoo???...wait for it...

"He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us."...L O S T

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