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Issues by taturner

I'm mostly posting a theory to work out the story for myself.

The place that everyone was in the church was a waiting place before going to heaven. It was a place for them to go after dying where they could work out any last issues that they needed to work out.

Christian said time didn't matter there, I believe, and so the fact that Jack was the last to arrive doesn't necessarily mean he was the last to die.

Like Christian said, everyone dies. And they all died at different times, but it took Jack the longest to "let go," which is why he was the last to arrive. Ben still had things he needed to let go of, or work out, which is why he didn't enter the church.

The island was a place where the characters could redeem themselves. They were brought there for the opportunity to make up for the bad things that they had done in their lives.

When Juliet hit the bomb and we saw the flash of light, I think that it didn't blow up the island, but it did obviously move them through time 30 years. When she said "it worked," I think that she said it because she saw the future - where they all would go after they would all die - the "flash-sideways" - the place they all were at the end when they were all reunited with each other.

Juliet died then. Others died before the island sank into the ocean - Sayid, Sun, Jin. Kate and Sawyer left the island with Frank and company. We don't know when or how they died. But it must have happened sometime in the real world. Ben and Hurley probably died as the island sank. Same with Rose and Bernard. Or maybe it didn't sink. I think it did, though. We know when Jack died.

So, they all died at some point in time. Some of their deaths we saw and some we didn't. In any case, once they all died, they went to this place to finish working out any issues that they had.

Perhaps Desmond, who had seen this place in his electromagnetic experience, and who helped to save/destroy the island, had the least amount of issues to work out, which is why he was the first to realize what was happening when he started remembering, and why he took it upon himself to show everyone else.

Well, I don't have any more thoughts at the moment. If you have any thoughts, please comment. Thanks for reading all of it.

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