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I think the "box" Ben spoke about before was the heart of the island (thought he probably didn't know it). That reaching it can make whatever you want. Mother said the place was "life, death, rebirth, etc...". Most people would love to have any of those capabilities to reshape their lives.

Whey the Losties decided to blowup Jughead their express purpose in detonating the bomb was so they could avoid 815 crashing, and not have all the pain and suffering they had in their time on the island (Jack said as much to Kate in the incident). All involved in the very act wanted to make 815 not crash--even Juliet who would have never found her love with Sawyer if it didn't transpire. I think somehow the bomb detonated and triggered the heart to give them the very thing they wanted the most. (If the heart can basically give you anything you want, it would explain why it needed protecting from man). Whatever Happened Happened, so they couldn't make their friends not die, so it did the next best thing--make a place of comfort between life and death for them to reunite.

The only real support I have for this is circumstantial. What I listed before, and Christian telling Jack that "they" which would include him created it; theoretically it would have to happen before Boone died, since he was in the church and nothing in season 1 would lead to think an event like this took place.

I thought about it since Sunday, and what would have made the difference if they were all dead in this timeline or just "woke up" in another LIVING reality? Take out the last 20 minutes and the question about how this timeline was created still remains, AND you have to basically go back and say, whatever happened DIDNT happen, and everyone who was there is really alive--including Boone, Shannon, Sayid, Charlie, Locke, Jin and Sun, and ultimately Jack who we saw die on-screen. I don't think it would have made it any better than what we were given, and would probably have made the other 5 seasons less enjoyable because it would have been all undone in season 6, or at least cheapened it.

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