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The Hatch and the Cork by LongLiveLocke

One interesting thing I noticed during the finale was when Flocke compared them lowering Desmond down the waterfall to them descending into the hatch to push the button. I don't think this was an accidental comparison. Did you notice that when Desmond "uncorked" the hole at the base of the waterfall that the noise produced was very similar to the noise that occurred when the Locke didn't push the button at the end of Season 2? This tells me unequivocally that the electromagnetism and the light are one and the same. I also believe that the light/electromagnetism is what is keeping the "evil" on the island contained.

I theorize that the hatch served essentially the same purpose as the "cork" at the base of the waterfall -- to seal up a hole in the prison keeping the evil contained. Initially the hole at the base of the waterfall was the only potential escape route for the evil being contained by the island. Whether this hole was always there or whether it was man-made is left to mystery, but the fact that the large stone had human writing chiseled on it makes me think that it was accidentally made by ancient man.

In the same way, I think that the Incident created by the Dharma initiative created a new potential hole in the electromagnetic barrier, thereby providing a new escape route for the evil. This is why the hatch was built -- as a way of "corking" the weak spot they had produced. So it wasn't the electromagnetism spiraling out of control that threatened the entire world, it was the fact that this would allow the evil to escape. This would also explain why Jacob did things like ordering the killing of the US soldiers in the 40s and the Dharma initiative in the 90s: it became clear that if they were allowed to continue doing what they did, they would end up freeing the evil from its prison.

Finally, I think that when the MIB became the smoke monster, it provided yet another potential escape route for the evil. I think that when the MIB went down the waterfall he was completely consumed by the evil kept imprisoned there, while retaining his essential personality. Therefore if he left the island, the evil being contained there would have yet another way off, via a sort of loophole.

Anyway, that's my interpretation of what went down. Let me know what you think.

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