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The Island, it's powers, and desmond by Coweezy

People have been talking about how once smokie was created, the light went out. This is straight up wack. (the light was there for ben at the wheel, locke seeing the it, and desmond turning the key). Also the light could be what caused the time flashes. When you have an unstable source of infinite power, things tend to go crazy. causing time to be manipulated on the island.

Another interesting idea, comes from the power of the island...for some reason people tended to heal faster and make babies faster while on the island. The light is definately the source. Its the source of "life and death." it creates the babies, but however usually kills the mothers. But How did claire survive this? simply put she was a candidate, protected by Jacob until she had her baby (showing aaron to be of great importance). This light that is inside of everyone seems to be crazy excessive on the island, the source of human nature being good.

On the other hand, while the light remains, the darkness of humanity is my friend smokie. As seen, his basic purpose in life sense the beginning of the show is the find a loop hole to kill jacob, and now the candidates, he is responsible for the deaths starting with shannon and others in the beginning seasons to eko to now jin and sun,(also for the ongoing problems Though the light stayed in the island and still makes it a amazing place, the darkness romes around trying to find a way to escape to all humainty, thus needing someone to contain it.

With the darkness being released within the soul of MIB, this brings up an interesting point about desmond. He was basically exposed to the same thing MIB was and had completely different side effects. Desmond first mentally traveled through time only to find he can't change it, then was able to see the future, and once leaving the island almost died if it wasn't for his constant. So why isn't des a smoke monster? Let's see, at the moment of MIB's death he sought only one thing and killed his mother for it. He was just as bad the humans that he condemed. Desmond on the otherhand has had a heart of gold from the start. His motive were to save everyone when turning the key and he basically sacrificed himself to do so. He also had LOVE, which is the major element in LOST that keeps the world together. So desmond got the other side of the the token. He was exposed to the light and became special and took on the light side of it, while MIB was exposed and took on the evil. So it only makes since how desmond is the key to stopping MIB from leaving the island and basically destroying the world.

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