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Right. There's been a lot of confusion as to what exactly the smoke monster is after the episode "Across The Sea''. Now I'm not exactly convinced by either of the arguments I'm about to discuss, so please feel free to comment and tell me your thoughts.

Identity A. The smoke monster is an entity of it's own and simply takes on certain traits and mannerisms of the deceased it chooses to mainly manifest as.

So for example: Christian, Locke and which could very well be the case the MIB and which I believe could also be the case, the Mother (after all how was she capable of killing those men by herself).
Now the issue of manifestations such as Yemi, Alice and Richard's wife - I believe these to be minor manifestations that don't effect the smoke monsters personality.

Now if this was the case then surely... It would take Locke's traits of wanting to stay on the island as that's now it's primary form. Perhaps Locke's personality is yet to fully set in however I don't believe this to be the case.

Identity B. The Man In Black is literally the Smoke Monster and perhaps as many people have already discussed, is the result of the 'Light' going out within the Man In Black and this being potentially the evil side of him fully taking control. No longer is he in the grey but in the black. Fully consumed.

Now perhaps their Mother was a Smoke Monster, but originally the guardian of the Light. And then one day her Light went out when she chose to go into the Light thus leaving the evil portion of herself. Which is why we see her character rather twisted.

Identity C. It's a mixture of both...

(God this episode has confused us...)

Well I'm done... Discuss and don't forget to tell me if I'm a baffoon and what not...

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