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The Game by Sharon Savelli

I’ve taken the rules one step further. If there are rules then there is a game to which they apply. When designing a game you need a goal, rules to get there, and either a prize at the end or bragging rights.

To prove that people are inherently good, by finding a replacement for Jacob.


1. Jacob and/or the MIB will crash and strand people on the island, which places them in adverse conditions.
2. Jacob can leave the Island and personally choose candidates by touching them.
3. The MIB can’t leave, but can take the form of any dead body (for a certain amount of time or something happens) to manipulate people.
4. They can’t kill each other, but can get other people to do it.
5. The MIB can’t kill the candidates that are “on the list,” but can get them to kill each other.
6. Can’t tell anyone what is going on.
7. They can each have one person as an aide to help further the game along. (Jacob’s aide is Richard at first, then it becomes Hurley and the MIB’s aide is BEN)
8. The candidates must make every choice of their own free will.
9. Jacob can only be reborn as someone who was a baby that “came” from across the sea, but was born on the island and who’s biological Mother raised them herself. (because of what happened to them)
10. You get as many redo’s as needed to accomplish the goal but the circumstances can’t vary.

If Jacob can find a replacement for himself then he wins. If he can’t find a replacement then the MIB wins.

I’m not sure if there is a prize for winning, maybe peaceful death for Jacob’s body or leaving the island for the MIB?

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