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"i"maginary "i"sland... by Kerim Kazgan

From my post 3 days ago:

God used prime numbers to create the universe…; and may be some additional "i"nteresting numbers as well....

Let’s get into some equation solving, which I believe is what 1 billion people are trying to do now on LOST….

LOST is a big equation; but please read some more to see what kind of equation it really is…

Let’s solve the following simple equation:

What is X????

Now, let’s solve these less simple ones:

Now Let’s get complicated:

These are all real worldly equations with worldly solutions….

And now, let’s add some real LOSTY Flavor:


Where i^2= -1…..

Hey hold on a second; a square can not be negative……

Well, in Mathematics, there is the complex number “i” which its square is equal to -1…..

LOST is a simple equation created by its creators based on the number “i”…

Now, some Wikipedia info with LOSTY ADD_ONS:

A complex number is a number comprising a real and imaginary part. It can be written in the form a + bi, where a and b are real numbers, and i is the standard imaginary unit with the property i 2 = −1.[1] The complex numbers contain the ordinary real numbers, but extend them by adding in extra numbers and correspondingly expanding the understanding of addition and multiplication.

Complex numbers are used in a number of fields, including: electromagnetism, quantum physics, and chaos theory. (coincidence!!!!!)

And now, the conclusion:

I believe the Island is the “i” of a+bi where i^2=-1….

An imaginary Island, but not in simple sense; on the contrary; an island where i^2=-1 and it is the norm…!!!!

b may represent the Black, the Island's slope….

a is the Constant; who knows who really a represents???!!!!!!!

Keep imagining; please note that our imagination may be better than the LOST creators’; they are not the REAL CREATOR after all :)……

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