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Alright I saw Arcoss The Sea. It wasn't nowhere near as good as Ab Aerteno. In fact it just wouldv'e been better if we didn't know how the smoke monster was made and who Jacob was etc.

In fact the episode could've worked better as short flashbacks or M.I.B. telling what happened to him to Jack. We wanted answers and so we got the answers. All it did was lead to new questions. Now that I've got that out my system I'll just rundown where I think each character is going with this. At the end I'll write Lives or Dies at the end.

Jack- Jack's destiny is to fix the light source. Since I'm going with the hunch that only the guardian of the island can find it then somehow Jack is going to have to drink the ceremonial wine. Who will give to him? Well the mysterious boy in the jungle is Jacob. Will Jack see the boy in the Jungle. I would say yes. It could be that only candidates could see him. Now since he is guardian of the island does this give him some sort of immunity to the light unlike M.I.B? I don't know. However, my hunch is yes. In the end I think he might live. Someone has to be the guardian of the island. Its going to be Jack. LIVES

Desmond- Is Jacks right hand man in this undertaking. As Widmore put it, "Desmond is the only man in the world who has survived an electromagnetic event." The golden light is the electromagnetic energy. Desmond is going to go in to that light which may be snuffed out. I don't think they can kill him off. Also, I would be angry for the writers to kill everyone in the orginal and then save the alternate. In other words Desmond, dies loses his wife and his kid. Here's something weird. Desmond has Charlie in the orginal timeline but no kid in the alternate. Jack has one in the alternate and not the orginal. Are they going to make a choice over who's kid lives on. I don't know. I have a feeling that Desmond is the only who can fix this problem. Now what if he turns into smokey in the process. I always thought that other mother was the smoke monster and Jacob. She split her power in two between the twins Jacob and M.I.B. Desmond will live I just wonder if we'll have three smoke monsters when this is all over. They can't kill him off or I will be angry at this show. LIVES

Sawyer- He's not dead yet. Sawyers future seems to be very unclear. However, if anyone deserves to die in a good way its Sawyer. At least he'll get Juliet back in the alternate. DIES

Kate- She's going to be a casulty. Its gonna be one of those Trinity a la Matrix deaths right before the end. In other words there are two females on the Island Kate and Claire. One's gonna live the other is gonna die. Its going to be Kate. DIES.

Claire- Well I sort of explained this already. I have a hunch she'll live through this. Desmond said in his vision she would get off the Island. Maybe it just wasn't going to happen yet. LIVES

Hurley- I think he's unkillable for starters. Hurley is going to talk to Jacob again. He will get more intel. He will help out whoever needs helping then he'll get off the Island. LIVES

Ben- He will die but not until the very, very end of the show. Ben needs to redeem himself. He might flat out save everyone like Sayid. His life is miserable. Maybe its time to take him out of his misery. He'll probably get his alternate self. DIES

Richard- He might go either way like its 50-50 with him. Richard is immortal and can't die. Interesting to note that he was given wine by Jacob. Is he the new Jacob? Most likely he is not. If anyone deserves to die its Richard. At least he'll be reunited with Isabella after a two hundred year wait. He'll do something heroic before he dies. DIES.

Miles- eh...he just seems to be a filler character. He can talk to the dead but that's about it. Interesting to note that he is the only one who has not heard M.I.B. talk. However, he's just seems to be there at this point. DIES.

Frank- He might be dead or not dead. If Frank is dead everyone is going to die on this show. The plane is still intact there is a runway. It seems like the bizarre construction work of Season 3 by Sawyer and Kate paid off. Frank's destiny if he is not dead is to get some people off the island. If they do the whole Island will sink into the ocean at the end. I don't give up until I see the body with Frank. UNKNOWN.

M.I.B.- I think he'll have a change of heart. I think M.I.B. consciousness is still intact. However, his soul merged with the light. Their going to have to fix this problem. He'll help just not yet. He'll probably accept that he can't go home.

Widmore- Hmmmm. He's power hungry I think. As in Across The Sea some people see the golden light and desire more. Seems to fit the Widmore bill perfectly. He might be good to. However, he will die. DIES.

Well that's it just my opinion.

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