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Jacob and MIB - One job, two people by Chica74

This is a first for me so please be patient.

After watching "Across the sea" I was a bit disappointed. We got answers, yes, yet all the episode was filled with a sort of vagueness that disturbed me.

Then I slept on it and then I started to think about it and the more I thought the more intrigued I got. I'm still trying to grasp things so please bear with me.

Mother was the guardian of the pool/cave/source of light, which we know is an enormous energy, it's the source of "life, death, rebirth". So she is the guardian, se has been for a very long time. I don't know if she was the first, she may not have been and I really think it doesn't matter. The point is there must be a guardian, and at this point she is the one. Is she really immortal? She certainly looks as if she's been around for a while, and yet MIB is able to kill her. What does this mean? Is she immortal until she wants to be? Mmm, pretty weak. Was MIB the only one who could end her life? Close enough, but not quite right. Should some conditions occur before she could die? Yep, that's more like it. She was immortal until she was the guardian. Once she passed the job on to Jacob, she was no longer immortal, she did not need to be. But did she really passed the job to Jacob? Yep, it looked like it. The talk, the cup of wine (very Jesus-like, don't you think? Jesus, like Jacob, didn't really want to drink from that cup, I believe his words were "let this cup pass from Me", except he really didn't have a choice, much like Jacob. I'm digressing, anyway). So yes, she did pass the job on to Jacob, but here's when things get a bit messy. The way I see it, there are two ways around it:

A) MIB was the one she chose first as her replacement. She told him he was special, she told him death was not something he would need to ever worry about, she did love him more than Jacob, no matter what she said about "different ways". But the very things that made him special (and I don't believe he was "special" only because he could see the dead) were the very things that made him question her, made him restless, inquisitive, curious. Jacob, on the other end, is perfectly happy to be a mommy-boy; he doesn't ask himself about what there is across the sea, he couldn't care less, he doesn't know how to lie, unlike Mother and MIB. So when MIB leaves them she realizes she has to make do with Jacob, but he is so wrong for the job. Let's put it better, he is so wrong for part of the job: the smokey part. Because yes, of course Mother was the smoke monster. You don't get to be the guardian of the source of life/death/rebirth as a 40something woman who lives in the caves and do tapestry. How are you supposed to protect something like that? With bare hands? Talking very, very persuasively to people? Being smokey comes with the job. And because MIB won't be talked into taking the job, and Jacob is so wrong for it, she has to split the job in two. She finds her loophole, knocking MIB out, filling up his well, killing his people, enraging him so that he would kill her, thus enraging Jacob who can't kill him, because of the rules, but he can do something to him that is "worse than death", as she carefully told him. But the thing is: being guardian/smokey is fine, because the very nature of smokey is somewhat "restrained" by the human part of the guardian. When an unconscious MIB is thrown down the light cave, he is "stripped of his humanity" (Flocke's words) and this is what he becomes: our very own smoke monster, not much of human part to be restrained with, even if I believe enough of MIB remains because he wants OUT so bad, just like pre-smokey MIB wanted. This would explain why Jacob could die even if he had not passed the job yet: because he's not the guardian, he's part of the guardian (the less important one, I dare to say). And this is why smokey-MIB can't make do with finding a replacement and sail happily off the island: he has no human form to come back to, thanks to Jacob and unlike Mother, who could have passed the job and live her remaining years happily making tapestry in her cave, had it not been for MIB.

B) No way Mother was the smoke monster, have you no senses at all? She just could summon him, because the smoke monster is just , er, smoke, serving the guardian. Or it could be that the smoke is the real guardian, and Mother is just the guardian's keeper. I really don't like this, you know, but it makes more sense, otherwise it would not explain Jacob's dying without a replacement and also his trips into the world touching people's noses and handing Apollo bars around. So yes, MIB is now the guardian, Jacob was his keeper, and he still has the problem of wanting to be free but has no way of doing this except in his smokey form.

Can you tell I like theory A) much, much more? :-)
Thanks for reading this, sorry for the bad English but I'm not a native speaker, and I really would love to hear your thoughts about my ramblings.

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