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With this theory I'm going to assume that dying (on the island/in the alt) transports your consciousness to the other (if only briefly).

So here is how I can see the real John Locke having some sort of on-island redemption. John Locke is currently in the hospital after getting hit by Desmond's car. He will encounter Jack (who he is conveniently having an on-island reunion with at the moment). Jack will want to perform a surgery on Locke to "fix" him. I think during that surgery, Locke will temporarily die (a la Benjamin Linus when Jack performed his cancer surgery).

Now here's the twist. I don't think John Locke's dead body will rise from Boone Hill anytime, however I DO think that the MIB (who is working as both a proxy for the Smoke Monster) will serve also as a proxy for the real John Locke to break through. We've already seen that he seems to know things that only the real John Locke would know and even showed hints of John Locke's personality "Don't tell me what I can't do!!". When he does break through, I think he will have a message for Jack, perhaps telling him about the existence of this new time-line. Jack will be confused, not sure what to think, and then before he has time to question it, ALT-Jack will save ALT-Locke, and MIB will regain control (perhaps MIB will also be confused about what happened).

I think it would be a really cool scene and would show the power of John Locke...maybe he is the only one who is able to kill the Smoke Monster. Perhaps he has to sacrifice himself in the ALT for the greater good like he did in the original timeline in order to "save the world".


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