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What up LOST people!

I was watching this show on the Discovery Channel the other night, something like Stephen Hawking Explains the Universe or similar title. The specific episode was about time travel. I suggest you go check it out, but here's some cool stuff I learned from it and subsequently put into a theory:

1. According to the show, it's a scientific fact that time travel is completely possible and actually happens all the time, just on extremely small scales. A interesting example they used was the PYRAMIDS IN EGYPT. (Hey, doesn't The Island have all sorts of Egyptian paraphernalia sitting around??) The DC show says that large objects actually slow down time by tiny increments, and therefore if you're in close proximity to these large objects for an extended period of time, the world you're looking out on is living faster than you are. Keep that in mind as we move forward:

2. This show also described wormholes briefly. Just as every piece of matter on Earth is made of atoms and molecules, apparently time is fabricated the same way, thus there are nooks and pockets -- essentially, time is not completely durable. Molecules of time will fall into these pockets and for a very concise moment disappear into other pockets at different points in time, just as molecules will appear at the present time from inexplicable origins. (Say, that reminds me of a magical Island that disappears and reappears inexplicably!) Although, in reality, the wormholes are big enough for single molecules only...very, very, very, very small. Very.

3. In outer space, even still within orbiting distance of the Earth, time slows down naturally yet again. This has been observed in GPS satellite clocks. The satellite clocks apparently get off sync with Earth time on a daily basis from the shorter time lapse they are experiencing in space. According to the DC show, if this was not adjusted, GPS systems would become inaccurate by SIX miles a day. Obviously the satellites are built to correct this...or should I say COURSE CORRECT!

So let's take these facts and mingle with them on a fictitious canvas. Referring to point 1, perhaps the island itself is metaphorical pyramid (hell, maybe it's literally a big ass pyramid with the tip sticking out...but don't quote me on that...well, if I'm right, please do quote me on that). Either way, the island is large enough to count as an object that would, in accordance with point 1, be able to slow down time naturally, just from being a large object. Let's take point 2, and say that wormholes happen to be forming at an unusually high rate around the island. LOST has already shown us that there's no shortage of electromagnetic energy on the island, so perhaps the abundance of this is either stimulating the longevity and size of these wormholes, and/or deteriorating the reliability of time fabric itself, and inevitably allowing wormholes to pulsate and thrive. Imagine the frozen donkey wheel (FDW) was intentionally built as a steroid -- every time the wheel is t! urned, a surge of electromagnetic energy is injected into this cluster of wormholes, inflating them large enough to engulf the island (and just enough outside of it to bring a physicist along to explain everything).

But what if each wormhole spits you out in a different planet, galaxy, DIMENSION entirely??? Keep in mind, wormholes are not an earthly thing, they are an anomaly on a cosmic level. In LOST, the FDW gets off its axis and ruthlessly warps the island multiple times per day (although, day is a relative term at this point). In season 5 of LOST, after John Locke fixes the FDW, the people remaining on island feel the final time jolt...it is made apparent that this particular flash was more extreme than any of the others...described as more of an earthquake. I believe this was not a simple wormhole jump -- it was much more, a flash through a BLACK HOLE. The jump allowed them to cross the boundary of another dimension -- and off island, it's the early version of the flash sideways (FS) we have become so familiar with the last three months. Flash sideways 1974 at this point, though. Part of my theory says we will get at least one FLASH SIDEWAYS-FLASHBACK before the series ends! ...showing what our characters' lives were like in the FS off-island at a younger age without the influence of the island reeling them in.

Meanwhile, in the original timeline, Jack and the Oceanic Five (Aaron stayed home with Grandma) are on Ajira 316 with their old pal, Benny Linus, and a bunch of other future cast members who ultimately do nothing the rest of the show (prove me wrong Frank, prove me wrong!). Anyways, it's interesting to note that a beautiful, elderly woman named Eloise HAWKING is the one that told them to get on this flight. How did they know to seek her advice? Ben Linus told them to go to her. But how did he know? Jeremy Bentham told him just before he died. But how did Jeremy know? --- SMOKE MONSTER.

If the smoke monster has indeed been Christian Sheppard the whole time, then it isn't too far fetched to think that Eloise and Smokie are in cahoots. They both want the ones who left to go back. They both want John Locke's body back on the island. They both don't want Widmore to find the island. They both have killed a favorite character of mine (Danny Faraday and Mr. Eko). Smoke monster clearly knows Eloise is fine and dandy off the island, and he knows that she has the method to get them all back. Let's diverge just for one second (and I use the word second very relatively at this point).

Going back to the beginning of this theory, I mentioned Stephen Hawking. If you are unfamiliar, there is this website called wikipedia that has a bunch of information about all types of anything you'd ever want to to know; Stephen Hawking is illustrated accurately on this website. Basically, and I do mean basically, S. Hawking is the most globally honored "voice" in terms of quantum physics, black holes, and time in general. My point is, he's a real life space-time continuum sheriff -- which is exactly what Eloise HAWKING is on LOST.

E. Hawking seems to always be the only one fully aware of what's going on at all time(s). E. Hawking is the essence of S. Hawking on LOST -- complete mastery and understanding of space and time, educated on all rules and consequences of violations.

In conclusion, this entire theory is really about Eloise Hawking. My theory: She has been working with the smoke monster the whole time, ever since she shot Daniel Faraday in "The Variable." He approached her, just as he did Sayid and Richard Alpert with his usual entice: What if you could see your loved ones again, even if they're dead? Even though she has still not given birth to her son yet at this point, in 1977 she cannot deny the urge to give in, to CHANGE things for good. She still feels the love for her son before even organically experiencing it, and this overwhelms her to accept smoke monster's offer...and she will HELP HIM ESCAPE.

Everything in the original timeline, off-island 2007 is a part of this plan. She gathers up the candidates, Locke's dead body, and sends them back. She is fully aware that this will lead to Smoke monster obtaining Locke's form, and SUCCESSFULLY LEAVING THE ISLAND. You heard me! That's what I think. That's the deal she has made with him. When Ajira 316 hits the "window" that sends the plane back to the island, it splits the people in half; Most of the Oceanic Five, minus Sun, go to 1977. This 1977 is ALREADY the flash sideways, as I had mentioned earlier, but we just don't know it yet. The island is an entity in time, and course correction adjusted the missing pieces back through the same black hole that Sawyer, Miles, Faraday etc. entered when J. Locked cranked the FDW. They are already in flash sideways 1977. I theorize in capitals, THEY ARE ALREADY IN FLASH SIDEWAYS 1977!!

At this point, there are two of most of the characters. On-island version, still in the same mind set as they were from the original timeline. And then, there's the off-island flash sideways version of them growing up. There are two entities existing in the same dimension, and this is a violation. Course correction must make it so only one of these entities can exist in the same time period. This explains why Ben Linus does not travel back to 1977 -- he is already on the island as a small, nerdy child, and automatically is deferred to 2007.

Jughead goes off. Everyone dies. The island explodes and sinks. Smoke monster is free to access any time period he wants to. I'd like to think he sells bongs in south Florida. Who knows bongs better than a cloud of smoke?

Flash sideways 2004 goes on just like we saw it -- 815 flies overhead and the island is still underwater. That's because we were already in flash sideways 1977 when it all the Jughead stuff happened. Original timeline Eloise was fully aware of this and even though she sacrificed the young version of herself and her own son in this original timeline, she was guaranteed a happy life with her son alive, her husband non-evil (but still bald) in the flash-sideways world. Because of her compliance with smoke monster, she is the exception where she has inherited her old memories as an asset to prevent anyone from messing up her hard work, and possibly unhinging the flash sideways.

or something like that. happy may day!

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