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An ironic twist in Across the Sea is that Mother proves herself to be a complete hypocrite. She prohibited Jacob and MIB (BIB) from mingling with the Roman Others because they were evil, lying, manipulative, corruptible, etc... The funny thing is, Mother lied to Jacob and MIB about their mother and there being nothing across the sea. She manipulated Jacob into taking over her job and seemed to only encourage BIB's corruptness as a child.

Regarding the golden cave (or the Island's vagina as I like think of it) is pure desire. This is why they use the color gold - gold is desirable. But maybe what is in that cave isn't such a good thing. You would think that someone that has a divine duty to protect the Island wouldn't mope around and seem to be miserable all the time. Mother was never happy and when have we ever seen Jacob smiling?

It is a fool's errand to protect the Island. MIB may be right about that, but maybe his execution of his plan is just a bit harsh since he is overcome with desperation and desire. Also, people will always want to desire something, but what is the reward for defending it?

It leaves me thinking that once someone falls into the Golden Pit of Desire, they suffer an overdose. MIB desires more than anything to leave the Island and will go at any lengths to achieve this. On the other hand, if the Light of Desire goes out and there is no longer anything to desire, then what?

But desire in small doses can be a good thing. Locke desired to walk and he was given what he desired. Rose got to be healed.

Buddhists believe "Desire leads to suffering" and we all know the story lines in LOST frequently utilize Buddhist beliefs.

I could go deeper into this but I'm at work and don't have much time. I just wanted to get these points across to give you something more to think about. I would love to read your reactions in the comments, so fire away!

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