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Regardless of what you thought about the quality of last night’s episode, I would have to say that it opened up limitless new speculation about the origins of the Smoke Monster. While it seems that many are taking the route of MiB’s body/soul/whatever created the Smoke Monster when it was pushed into the yellow light/energy, I’m going to take a completely different side and say that Mother is the first chronological version of the Smoke Monster that we have seen in the show. Here is some of the evidence in the episode that I’ve found that points towards this and finally what implications this could have in MiB’s long-term plan for our Losties when all is said and done. I’m also going to add to my argument by saying that Smokey’s true intentions are far from what we think, but more on that later.

a) It seems through Mother’s dialect that she has a Flocke-type feel to her. She mentions that she is the only one here. First off, doesn’t it make more sense for the Smoke Monster to be an original existing evil on the island than for it to magically be created out of a ball of light energy? In this early scene, Smokey sees the opportunity of a pregnant Claudia and does what it sees as the most sensible thing to do. Take Jacob and MiB and completely rope them off from the rest of the island environment, exposing them only to what it wants them to see. My main point is that the Smoke Monster has set up an elaborate system where it knew that MiB could be manipulated to go away from his original habitat, and in a sense, rebel. Viewing both Jacob and MiB since birth, it learned their traits and possibly even pushed them towards certain actions in a strictly nurture sort of way. This also explains Mother’s motivation for killing Claudia, in being able to replicate her to MiB, she had all the ‘rebel’ ammunition she needed.

b) Mother mentions how Jacob is incapable of lying, while MiB is ‘special’. Smokey sees another new source of evil in MiB, someone who can carry on the corruption that it represents, and urge people into halting Jacob’s plans as well as anything good at all. It’s almost like Smokey is playing the ultimate game, seeing if he can corrupt the most innocent of all humans, babies. Plus, these babies weren’t born in a regular environment; so they have no reason to be evil at all. Also, with the idea that they can never hurt each other, they have the idea brought into their minds that there is no reason to fight, and no reason to be evil. Smokey seems to just continually be raising the bar of difficulty on this one.

c) One thing I noticed throughout this episode is how open Mother seems to be when she is asked questions. However, she kind of dances around the question of where she came from and simply states that she came from her mother. You think she would give some more details unless she was hiding something.

d) Doesn’t taking two young boys to an incredibly bright, beautiful light and telling them not to enter/do anything with it seem a little unnecessary? If Mother wasn’t the Smoke Monster, wouldn’t it be easier to keep them away by simply never showing it to them at all? But aha, because Mother is the Smoke Monster, this is the initial temptation; the probe to see which of the two will take the bait and give into their curiosity. Ultimately because of part e, MiB is the one who gives into his temptation, and seeks to harness the power of the energy.

e) Onto the ghost Claudia sighting. This is perhaps most important of all the points, and the reason that I thought of this theory in the first place. How could MiB see his dead mother if she wasn’t merely a projection of the Smoke Monster? Because he’s special? I don’t buy it. Notice how throughout this entire section of Claudia and MiB, Mother is absolutely nowhere to be seen, that’s because the Smoke Monster is too busy projecting as Claudia and not as Mother. This is where Smokey first taunts MiB and fills him with just the slightest amount of greed and anger about ITS OWN lies as mother.

f) Time for Smokey’s big move: Now that Smokey sees that MiB is obsessed at finding out how to get off the island, it is now ready to make its big move to get MiB to commit a huge sin: murdering what he believes to be his fake mother. Tell me how could a woman of Mother’s size burn a whole village, and slaughter innumerable people all before MiB woke up? She couldn’t, but a pillar of black smoke sure could. This is the big step. The mirage that causes MiB to lash out and be filled with pure, venomous rage, dark anger that will allow for the Smoke Monster to live on fulfilled in his duty of proving that men are corruptible. Mother’s last words are “Thank You”. Thank you for what? Thank you for proving that men are corruptible, even ones that are isolated from the nasty, inherently evil external environment.

g) Now for a little float down the lazy river…Jacob is pissed and MiB is sent flowing down into the energy. We see the light go out (a symbol of the innocence of man disappearing after MiB’s murder of his mother) and the black smoke comes out fresh and renewed through the anger and sinfulness of MiB’s deed.

Now a key point to this is that in order for my theory to be right, Smokey’s main mission would have to not be leaving the island. After all, wouldn’t it just leave with no leader at the healm. I believe that the Smoke Monster only wants to continue to corrupt men, and feed on their new, evil sinfulness. But, in order to do this he needs to play his own game, turning people into savages through mere trickery. He wants to prove the humans need only the slightest push in order to venture into the realm of evil.

How does this apply to Flocke and our current day Losties you ask? Well, we all know how much the finales love to have big twists. Well here’s my bet. We’ve spent this whole season worrying about Jacob’s replacement. The caves, the wheel, all signs pointing too our precious Losties being the new Jacob. However, what I think Flocke’s and Smokey’s endgame is, is to be able to get a new energy source, a replacement for MiB’s evil fuel, someone like Jack, Sawyer, Desmond turning evil and taking a float into our nice source of yellow electromagnetic energy. He wants the candidates to turn on each other under the greed of being the new Jacob. Flocke’s endgame isn’t to leave. It’s to merely get stronger, and to continue evil’s reign over the island.

Or, you know, I could just be completely wrong and MiB created the Smoke Monster by entering the light, lol.

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