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Genie in a bottle by Stef

"Because I asked" - Ben Linus to Charles Widmore

We've known for awhile now that the island tends to give you want you want. However, like the genie's that often get referenced in jokes, it doesn't necessarily give it to you in a way that you wanted.

Jack wanted to save people. Well, now he's getting to save the entire world.

Sawyer wanted to get revenge on Anthony Cooper. Well, he got it.

Sun wanted to disappear from Korea and separate herself from Jin. She got that.

Kate wanted to help her mother but not go to jail for doing it. Oh, she's done a lot of that on the island

The list goes on and on.

The solution to Lost may be, what does Jacob want? We know that Smokey wants to leave the island and go home, but that it's seemingly against the rules that Jacob created. Jacob now appears to want to correct his mistake that he made when he threw his nameless brother down into the golden waterfall.

Juliet blowing up Jughead may have created the alt timeline as a gift to those that helped Jacob in one form or another. After all, Jacob is generally good. Does getting someone else to take over the game, provide the loophole for Jacob to undo his mistake, allowing someone else to make the rules? He probably believes it does. We'll see Sunday night. But either way, I bet the island genie doesn't quite give it to him in the manner that he wants. In fact, Desmond messing with it already may be proof that even Jacob's wishes ultimately get spoiled somehow.

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