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This is from way out in left field. I know everyone here think's Im crazy anyway.

What if the island is the "Alt" universe?

What if the Island universe is the magical universe and you can live forever, monster's are real, you are cured from your illnesses, etc. What we deem as the "Alt" universe is the real universe where science rules the land. People get sick and die, etc..

The light is the source of both universes. So for it to be put out in the island universe, it would as well fade out in the scientic universe. Both universe's destroyed, life cease's to exsist. Jacob's "mother" comes from a long line of beings that protect the light and are aware of the alternate universe. Jacob learn's this knowledge thru his time spent being the new protector of the island. His mistake is that he creates the one thing that can destroy both universes. His plan then is to bring the only people known to him that can take his place. And he is tricking MIB (buying time with smokie) by setting everything up as a game while his real plan is carried out. Smokie belived the entire time that he could not harm Jacob but we have seen Jacob harm him, why couldn't he in turn harm Jacob?

This could be a 5 page theory but this is the jist of my theory. The actor who plays Jin has stated in a T.V. interview that the biggest secret to be revealed will be the alt universe's true meaning.

Just a mad theory from a crazy person. Thanks for reading.

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