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Locke is the BAD TWIN by King Don

First theory, and just know that i don't rummage through hours of footage or theories, so this is just based on a few pieces gathered and a few observations made.

John Locke is a twin.

Biggest clue is that Flocke walked right passed "John's" body. We have never seen any of the bodies that have been animated/copied. I don't believe that they are copied and disposed of, because Smokie seems to use phrases from the people he inhabits. That points to him being in the body and sharing some memories and traits with his host.

People have tried to debunk the twin theory by saying that we've seen John's birth, but we didn't see it from beginning to end... that would be boring tv anyway.

This could also explain the lame excuse that Flocke gives Ben about liking the feel of the ground beneath his feet. He HATES that island. I doubt he wants ANY contact with it.

Has Jacob been using Locke's other body on occasion?

Is Smokie in the dead twin and the real Locke is still running around (in the same t-shirt???) waiting to fulfill his destiny as the new guardian when Jack gets his throat slit? Oh, Jack WILL get his throat slit.

Does that explain why, throughout the series, Locke seems to have two distinct personalities? The self-assured hunter and the lost man searching for answers.

Or is that because he has a split personality, making him his own twin? Oooooooh....

See you Sunday!

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