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How (I am Hoping) Lost Ends by LostnNC

I’m still trying to figure out where the writers are going with this season and I am still holding onto the hope that Lost will end in a way that will be satisfying to me. What follows in part theory, part speculation, and a whole lot of random thoughts I’ve had recently. This is one way in which Lost could end in which I would be satisfied and not feel like they are just throwing answers at us now to solve a bunch of BS mysteries they threw together a few years ago. I am still hoping that they knew way back then what the endgame was and that it will be epic.

This is very rough draft of what I hope I see in the last few hours of Lost:


- Jack accepts his role as Jacob’s replacement and yet he doesn’t “acquire” Jacob’s “mystical” abilities. He is still just Jack.
- All but a few of the Losties die in shocking and/or honorable deaths before the end.
- Desmond plays some role in causing the island to sink to the ocean floor using his electromagnetic specialness. In the end, the few remaining Losties choose to sacrifice themselves to sink the island.


- We learn that Jacob had a loophole of his own to counter MIB.
- He went through a lot of trouble to get everyone to where they are. Even more so than MIB did to get to his loophole of killing Jacob.
- This loophole involved the Dharma Initiative, the Valenzetti Equation, The Hanso Corporation, and various other foundations and scientific networks.
- Jacob used the time travelling abilities afforded to him by the island to convince these scientists that the world would end at a certain date and time (in 2007).
- Dharma came to the island, brought by Jacob, in hopes of solving the Valenzetti Equation before Jacob’s predicted Doom’s Day. In order to give themselves more time to solve this puzzle (which I believe was completely fabricated by Jacob and therefore unsolvable), Dharma, after testing the unique properties of the island and struggling with the equation, set the Donkey Wheel in motion at a controlled speed using motorized equipment we have not yet been made aware of (could there be another Dharma Station we have not yet seen?).
- The Donkey Wheel turned at a controlled, motorized speed at a very slow rate. Taking roughly 30 years to make one complete circle. Once the circle is complete (2007), the island flashes back 30 years (to 1977). When Ben turned the wheel, the motor was still trying to turn the Donkey Wheel but it was off its axis, resulting in unpredictable time flashes until Locke put it back on track.


- The island slowly begins to sink beneath the waves.
- FLASH, the Donkey Wheel has come full circle, resetting the island back to 1977.



- After the Incident, Dharma started evacuating the island.
- The island starts shaking, the volcano is possibly erupting, and everyone has to leave immediately. This didn’t happen the first time around so this is the point at which the ALT begins.
- Ben’s father won’t leave without his son, drives to the perimeter to confront the Others and Ben is returned to his father after being saved by the Others in the Temple. They return to Dharmaville, board the sub, and evacuate.


- There is no island for Flight 815 to crash on. The plane lands safely at LAX.
- Slowly, thanks to Desmond, the Losties begin to remember what happened to them in the previous timeline.
- Jack operates on Locke’s spine, allowing him to walk.
- One by one, people start to remember the truth of what happened to them.
- Jacob’s powers are passed to his replacement… Jack. Jacob has been replaced.
- Jack’s touch allows him to perform miracles. He cures Rose’s cancer, for instance.
- Something AWEFUL happens. End of the world kinda stuff.
- Dread sets in. The Losties who lived until the very end start to realize what they have done… The set MIB free. The implications of this are so terrible that they have to do whatever is necessary to stop MIB.
- Eloise Hawking, who is possibly the candidate who “replaced” MIB’s crazy momma left the island in 1977 before the ALT was actually created. Because of this and due to her role as “Island Mother”, she has always known about both timelines and the time loop. Like Desmond, she remembers both pasts and is enlightened about the future. She is, and always has been, serving as the protector of the flow of time to make sure no one does anything before they “are ready.”
- Eloise tells the Losties that the only way to save the world it to get on Widmore’s sub and return to the island. The island has to be put back in its rightful place in order to keep MIB imprisoned.
- Armageddon is coming. They must make a sacrifice to save humanity. The Losties grab their scuba gear and board the sub. They all have to return together, just like Ajira 316. They return to the island following Eloise’s instructions and the correct bearing.
- Once they reach the underwater island, Desmond and the Losties return to the underwater chamber they had visited in order to sink the island. These underwater caves probably still have air pockets in them and the chamber itself may be completely free of water similar to the Looking Glass Station. They may even see their own corpses from the original timeline!
- They know what they have to do in order to save humanity and they make their sacrifice using their own free will.


- Jack’s eye opens. He is lying in the jungle.
- Locke looks down and wiggles his toes. This is a place where miracles happen. It must be destiny.
- L O S T

Okay, so it probably won’t end like this. But I can hope right? And, yes, I know there are tons of holes. I’d still enjoy it, though.

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