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The final scene by TWilz

So, from what I've gathered of the show so far and what I've realized about this theory, this, or something very similar, is how I expect the final scene to play out.

We see Flocke emerging from the jungle on Hydra island. There's a certain spring in his step as he walks hurriedly towards the Ajira plane. We see him skip up the stairs, and trot into the control room. He puts the key in the ignition, and puts the plane into F-gear (for fly). The turbines then slowly begin to whine as the plane starts up. Flocke taps the gas with his foot and smiles slightly at the sound of the engine humming.

He then rubs the dash admirably as the plane slowly lurches forward with ease. He looks into the rear-view of the plane to see his only remaining companion, Vincent, who appears to be chewing on a "toy" of a human hand. Flocke whispers happily "Well, Vince, we're going home" and gives that all-too-familiar John Locke grin. The plane then gains speed, bumping along, and the glove compartment falls open. Out topples a Virgin Mary statue from the beech craft. Flocke picks this up and looks at with a stern inquisitive glare, then rolls down the window and tosses it out.

As we see the plane nearing Los Angeles moments later, the camera pans out of the plane and back down to the statue, which has landed on the beach. The camera slowly draws back to reveal hundreds of corpses everywhere, including our beloved main cast. Jack is seen pale white in death (with only one hand, because Vincent is eating the other one).

At this point, I personally imagine a series of drums and trombones similar to the music from shutter island playing, as the plane begins to come down on the LAX runway. Flocke then pushes an old cassette tape into the tape player and "The Raindrops keep falling on my head" begins to play. Flocke Smiles.


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