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Perdon my English.
This is my first and last theory post for LOST.

All this happened from Eloise happened to kill her own son Daniel.
Eloise asked Jacob to alive him by changing future. So Eloise became the expert of Time.

Last episode, Widmore said He was invited by Jacob.
I thought then the 1st and the 2nd protocol of the Freighter team for Ben was from Jacob. It is for Ben to turn Donkey wheel to send Faraday to past.
Then Widmore/Eloise had the journal from Faraday as they experienced before. Faraday was shot as it was.
But this time Widmore/Eloise has already sent 316 and make Jack and Co to create new timeline with detonated Jaghead.
In that new timeline Widmore/Eloise became happy to have back their son alive. But this time manipulation to changing the future made a loophole for MIB to kill Jacob using Locke's body.
And Jacob's candidates was left and in danger on the island.
Jacob knew there will be loophole for MIB if Locke’s body is back to the island.
Jacob needed to select Candidates and bring back them before he killed by MIB.

Last episode, Widmore said He was invited by Jacob.
Maybe Jacob asked Widmore to help his candidates.
So Widmore took Desmond once again to the island to send Desmond to the alt timeline using the electromagnetic generator. Desmond understood his role to make candidates in alt timeline remind the island so they can live in this new timeline.

In the series finale Desmond might detonate the source power as he once turned the fail-safe key to send souls of Jack and candidates to new timeline like they were sent to 70s from 316 or Desmond experienced in the chopper to the freighter.

Then maybe the last scene of the island time will connect to the first scene of 6.01 with a wound at Jack's neck.

So even Jack and candidates on island are going to all die, they can live in new timeline with the island memories as Desmond will do faile-safe on the island.

Thank you very much for LOST and for all Lost fans.
Hiroki from Tokyo.

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