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How it all will end... by the General

Hi, first time poster, long time reader. This theory is about the final episode, specifically the final scenes. I have run this theory past a couple of fans that I know and they fully support it.

But first...First off I believe that the 'Alt' will cease to exist. Remember the producers stated that the 'Alt' is the result had our Losties never crashed on the island. But What happened, happened. They did crash on the island. So the 'Alt' is not a true reality. Think of it as a 'What If' scenario or at least not relevant. When the opening scene of the final episode showed the island under water the statue was still in tact. Remember the statue was destroyed by by the Black Rock which Jacob brought to the island. I believe that the 'Alt' is not only if the Losties never crashed but the result of the island never having a protector, or at least Jacob never landed on the island or MIB was the protector as their 'Mom' had originally wanted.

Okay I needed that off my chest and now for how I see the final scene playing out. I think that Jack, Flocke and Ben, and Desmond will meet up at the 'Source' (the light). Jack will convince Desmond to stand down and not listen to Flocke. I think that Flocke and Ben believe that Flocke via the Smoke Monster killed Richard. But we know that Richard cannot die. Ben is needed by Flocke to kill the candidates and the new protector had one stepped up to take the job (which Jack has done). I think that Richard will come up behind Flocke and stab him. Flocke and Ben will not expect it as they think he is dead. In the mean time Ben is trying to kill Jack. They fight and Jack knocks him down and pushes him down the river and Ben goes down into the source and becomes the next Smokey. Remember, Jacob never told Jack not go or put anyone down the hole to the source.

In the last scene, Jack and Ben will be on the beach. Ben will want to kill Jack, but as we know he can't. Ben will want the island all to himself.

Or......Richard will kill Ben and the last scene will be Flocke and Jack on the beach...the cycle continues..

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