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It's gotta be you, Desmond! by thorsten wulff

We had to learn over the years that no line in an episode is wasted, or coincidental. Especially not when the ep is written by Damon and Carlton. After they delivered Across the Sea to mixed responses (I loved it, but I totally dig roman history anyway ;), the one thing that struck me at the very beginning was how Mother told her adopted son in the black shirt the he is Special. So special.

Like, we know, Desmond Hume got told over and over. After everything that happened to Des, including Mrs. Hawking and her efforts to steer him to destiny, and the Island, and Charles Widmore who alienated him over and over to drive him away from Penny, he ended up in the hatch and downed 815 by running after his buddy Inman. The odd question 'Are you Him?' can be answered, yes, it's Desmond. He is special, he can withstand electromagnetics off the Gauss marks. He avoided Charlies death by preselecting a lot of different timelines by hoping he could create an outcome in which Penny would be dangling from that chute, not ill fated Naomi. Widmore carried him back to the island on the sub, and asked him for a sacrifice later… Which could that be? Desmonds actions in the sideways timeline echo what Jacob did while visiting Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the other 815ers. Like a mirror-Jacob Desmond visits them, and he is pushing them to the tree of conscience.
Dsmond is special, and he has to sacrifice himself for Penny, his son Charlie, all his friends and everybody else on the planet.

He has to become the new protector of the island.

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