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Immortality and Jacob/MIB from future by raven007

Hi all - I wanted to post my 2 cents on two matters that for some have become fact. I would disagree and say that (while not definitively wrong) they are not necessarily FACTS.

1. Jacob and his brother were made immortal by fake mother:
The way I saw it, immortality was given to Jacob when he drank the enchanted wine. I mean up to that point, both Jacob and MIB had been aging along. With respect to MIB becoming Smokie, to put it simplistically, the light transfered MIB's soul another vessel, which happened to be smoke or whatever it is he's become (I recall the mother saying something like the light was was life, death and rebirth, and that every person has a little bit of it in themselves - which by the way is the Hindu/Buddhist/Jain concept of "atman" for all those keeping score of religious theories used by the writers). I would bet that if Jacob hadnt killed MIB, Jacob's appearance would remain unchanged, while the MIB would have aged and eventually died. Just my take.

2. Across the Sea took place before the crash of Oceanic 815
While the episode seemingly took place long long long ago, my theory is that it in fact took place in the future. At no point were we given any reference to the time period (unless I missed something). And what really convinced me was the fact that real mother and fake mother were speaking Spanish with one another, and then switched PERFECT modern day English. You're telling me that isnt a hint? Think back to Richard's episode - pretty much the whole first half was subtitled, b/c English was not the common tongue. So going back even further in the past, I find it very strange that the two were speaking perfect English. Now I cant (and frankly dont want to) sit here and say this is a perfect theory for a, b, and c reasons - but I will say this: for those wondering how Jabob/MIB could be from the future because they were also on the island when the Losties crashed, I would argue that the donkey wheel was finished by someone and caused the island to go back in time sometime before the Black Rock showed up. This could also explain the whole "Circle" and "time loop" business everyone seems to talk about.


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