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They really were dead by Dustbowl121

Is it just me or anyone else going crazy about the people that are saying they werent dead on the island becuase they were and here is why.

On the last scene was their plane that crashed on their island and the only reason they would have shown that is the fact that it did crash and it looked fairly violent to me.

The island is a gathering place for lost souls that offers something that some souls cant find on their own, redemption. They were all brought there by Jacob because he knew they needed it and they were not the first and will not be the last. During this journey they all use each other to sooth the pain of their past in an attempt to get over this but there is always that thing that's messing everything up for them.. Mr. smoke monster. This guy is actually a representation of all the fear and darkness in people that don't allow them to pass. That's why it was so symbolic in the end when Kate shot him and Jack finally pushed him over.

Now this also explains why some people like Walt and Hurly have special ability. Because the more aware you are that what is happening is not real the more you can manipulate it.

Why else would everyone have exactly what they need in order to overcome what they are holding onto. Desmond who never felt like he was good enough suddenly was pressing a button and saving the world, Richard who was scared of death stopped again (until the very end when he wasn't afraid of it anymore), Jack found his faith and got to help help others pain in the process.

In the end the island was just a place of passing where people either rose of fell. A game between dark and light, and even though I was hoping it would take that turn.. I think its actually a very good ending =)

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