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The End message by YellowSubmarine

I personally thought the Lost finally was incredible. Amazing. The acting, editing and writing wow! I laughed. I cried. I yelled at the TV. In the end (haha), I was satisfied that the investment of time I spent with these characters… and I gotta admit, I invested A LOT of time watching, re-watching and reading comments/theories… was a positive experience. I have never posted a theory before although I have been a lurker for years. Here goes.

It appears that I over analyzed too much, along with many other fans. Now a few days later, I’m able to wrap my head around the story being told. Just some thoughts:

Our characters are cosmically connected. In the living world (Australia and Island is all the connection we see) and in the afterlife (Purgatory). Why? Because of the strong bond they have with each other. The bond that revolves around time spent on the Island. If you buy into reincarnation, they have possibly been involved in each other's lives many times before and it always ends the same. What if Richard had done that "which of these belonged to you before" test with Jack instead of Locke? The only reason Locke was "Special" is because Flocke told him he was special and convinced Richard that he was the chosen Island leader, which I never thought he was. His leadership resume is short and pretty much had him as sudo-dictator. But what was the point of that Dali Lama test if reincarnation wasn't involved?

Eloise Hawking to Desmond “That’s not what you do. You don’t buy the ring.” Another scene she is talking outside the hospital where Desmond is after being shot by Ben and says she has no idea what happens next. Like this is the first time things could be different. Something has changed. Side note: I have always thought her meddling motivation was selfish. Maybe it has something to do with wanting to stay with Daniel in Purgatory or not wanting to re-live his death again. She reminded me of Mother. Seems to me she needs to “Let Go”.

Enter Desmond. Why was Elois always bugging Desmond? Don’t do this, you can’t do that yadda yadda. Desmond brought the Losties to the Island when he failed to push the button. Jacob claims he brought them. So, did he make Desmond “not push the button” and crash the plane? Did he bring Desmond, too? Doesn't matter too much because I think the Swan explosion and giving Desmond the gift of “sight” so to speak, changed everything. The Losties were able to leave the Island. (saving Charlie long enough for him to turn off the jamming devise in the Looking Glass) The fact that they were able to leave the Island (which no candidate has probably done before) or maybe the freighter people being able to come that completely changed the game and the redundant loop, who knows! I like the idea of the Losties leaving changing the game. How massively did it change them! Take Jack for example, because he left and was hit with just how sucky his off-island life was, Jack fully embraced his purpose on-Island and in the end was able to sacrifice himself to save mankind (Jesus complex anyone? lol) Kate’s bond with Claire was huge because of leaving, taking care of Aaron and finally realizing that she basically abandoned Claire and had to go back. Hugo (hug) had his epiphany through Charlie. His dead friend told him to go back. How’s that for motivation. Sawyer = changed man during the three years that the Losties were off-Island. He finally experience unconditional love. Rose and Bernard “got it” long before and refused to be sucked into the fighting and destruction (passivist hippies lol).

Brother/Mother “They come, they fight, they destroy it always ends the same.”

But not THIS time! All of Jacob’s Candidates have been lost souls who “need the island as much as the Island needs them”. But they have a choice. A pissed off, frustrated Brother corrupts them and they end up destroying themselves and/or each other. An interesting list of all the people who were previously on the cave wall as candidates:


It goes up to number 313 – Littleton! That’s a lot of candidates, but not a lot if you imagine it spanned over 2000 years. Some are dead, some are dis-qualified, some are obviously Brother-foder. Even more interesting to me is that Hume isn’t on there. Again, an unexpected variable? The point is, it always ends the same regardless of how many people have been brought to the island, reincarnations of our Losties or not. Or does it…?

I believe reincarnation and redemption have been as big as the love and friendship theme throughout Lost. Tabula Rosa. I also believe that our Losties have done this many times before and end up missing the lesson, destroying each other or basically blowing it some how. They were almost heading down that path before the freighter people came. Separate camps. Locke throwing knives in people's backs, etc.

What was Locke’s weird connection with the Island? He was right all along, as Jack said. He believed passionately that it was their destiny to be on the Island. Too bad he was sucker-punched by Brother Smokey before he got the big picture of why the Island needed them. Still, a nod toward reincarnation to me. Rose "knew" Bernard was alive. This may be a stretch, but the on-Island Jack/Kate kiss. Kate looked at him the same way everyone looked during their "awakenings" in Purgatory. Like they had a history she vaguely remembered, but it made her feel uncomfortable... kind of like Jack is uncomfortable and unable to "let go" in Purgatory during his first "awakening". Kate to Charlie season 1, you look familiar. It wasn't the Drive Shaft connection. Her friend was a fan, not her. The dreams. It's like they were trying to give themselves subconscious clues of what to do next. Sometimes the clues were right, sometimes they were probably leading them down the same path as before. Depending on how "enlightened to the truth" the person was maybe? I'll have to re-watch the shows to see if there's more proof of this. I've watched them all a few times, but now that I (think) know the end message, I'll see them from a different perspective.

So, once they ALL “got it” and were able to focus on love and friendship (sounds a lot like Hurley's basic character to me) instead of control and destruction, our A-team of candidates were the ones who eventually proved Jacob right. Humanity is worth protecting. Our Losties showed us that the beauty of Love and Friendship in and of itself is worth protecting. Regardless of if you believe in the reincarnation theory, it's still the same message. All the details and missing answers didn’t really bother me as much once I understood the overall message.

Anyway, that’s a short version of what I saw in "The End". I think I’m going to go buy a t-shirt now lol

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