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Killing Smokey was the key by FT

Hey everyone, long time reader, first time poster so please be gentle. :)

First off, I have to preface my theory by stating I firmly believe Mother was the previous iteration of Smokey as well as the protector of the island. I think it's safe to assume Jacob and MIB's birth mother was of Roman origin by the clothes she was wearing and that she gave birth in the first century AD. With that knowledge in hand, I think we can also assume the temple and statue pre-dated the birth of Jacob and MIB. As we saw on the hieroglyphics under the temple when Ben encounter Alex as Smokey, it appeared the people that pre-dated Jacob and MIB had their own encounter with Smokey long before MIB was sent into the light by his brother.

Here's the meat of my theory:
I believe that the whole point of our 815'er candidates being brought to the island was not only to take over for Jacob, but to finally kill Smokey! No one before them could ever completely destroy the monster because no person before Desmond had the ability to "pull the cork" without either dying (guess) or becoming the next Smokey themselves when they entered the light and no one ever had enough good in them to sacrifice their life to restore the light like Jack.

I believe that Mother's feelings about man being inherently evil at heart were actually the feelings of Smokey and it's interactions with man since the beginning of the island. Mother foresaw MIB turning into Smokey one day and thus treated him completely different than Jacob because maybe the little bit of humanity left in her wanted MIB to be good, like Jacob said about Ben. But in the end, MIB becomes the next Smokey starting the cycle once again.

MIB may have found his loophole to kill Jacob, but all along Jacob was the real one who found the loophole...To employ our 815'ers to kill Smokey once and for all!

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