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I have a theory about how and why the sideways universe was created in the Lost universe that involves the magnetic energy at the heart of the island.

Years of abusing my ears with ear buds have forced me to watch most television shows with the closed captioning option on. While watching the finale of Lost I noticed that every time a character regained their memories of the island the words "low magnetic hum" would appear as closed captions, as the music swelled in the background and our Losties remembered their time on the island.

The thing is that I've had people with very good hearing listen and no one has heard the supposed "low magnetic hum." Yet we are told that it's there EVERY TIME that someone remembers their time on the island by the closed captions. So this information had to be there in the production notes that they use to close caption the program.

It cannot be a coincidence that for the entire run of the series we have been bombarded with information about the special magnetic qualities of the island and that at this point - when the Losties regain their memories - we have mention of a magnetic hum.

But this power isn't just some sort of magnetic energy as exists in our reality. This magnetic energy is life itself. But this light/life energy manifests itself as magnetic energy in this plane of existence. That's why Desmond was the only one who could descend into the cave of light to "uncork" it. As the “constant” the magnetic energy did not affect him. By uncorking the light and stopping its flow, he was essentially ending our reality - life as we know it would cease to “flow,” to exisit.

This was the Flocke’s ultimate goal: to extinguish the light – life. How much easier would it be for its darkness to engulf the world than for the “light” to be permanently extinguished. From all the warnings we were meant to think that Floke would wreak havoc on the world as a monster would – destroying things. But Flocke’s ultimate goal was to extinguish all the “light.” His leaving the island was a physical manifestation brought about by his ties to this reality by the human forms he presented himself as.

The island is what created this “way station” between reality and the afterlife for our Losties – by accident or design I do not know. The sideways universe was created at the moment that Juliet detonated the hydrogen bomb at the core of the Swan Station – the magnetic heart of the island.

Three pieces of evidence: first, the screen went white immediately as the bomb detonates, even the “Lost” show card at the end of the episode is reversed – white background with black letters – the only time in the shows history. This “white out” is caused by the release of the light. Second, in the first episode of this season Juliet echoes the words she says to Sawyer as they meet in the sideways universe. For me is evidence of the link between the two worlds that was created at that moment –and even Miles “hearing” Juliet saying “it worked” is simply a “leak” between the two realities. Third, in the same episode the moment the bomb goes off we get the first glimpse of the sideways universe.

In the end, Jack gave his life to ultimately save reality - the light - and life as we know it in the universe. As his final reward – and that of all of the Losties – they were allowed to become one with the light.

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