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Eloise Hawkings = The Puppet Master by Gboy1803

So why is Desmond bringing all the Losties to the concert? Desmond is planning on pulling the curtain back and show the Losties who has been manipulating them and pulling the strings all along. Mrs Eloise Hawkings! I can see a confrontation coming. Desmond is going to do something while she is on stage that will make all the Losties realise what has been happening to them and why.

Unmasking Eloise would solve so many questions. My theory is this, following the death of Daniel on the island, Eloise was grief stricken and broken at her actions. Realising he could use this to his advantage, MIB approached Eloise and offered her the one thing she wanted more than anything else. To take back what she had done and guarantee her son's safety in the future. It wouldn't surprise me if we got a flashback of this in the finale.

Through cooperating with MIB and going along with his plan, the ATL was created. This is why Eloise seems to be aware of events in both timelines. MIB left her memories intact, so that she could act as guardian of the ATL and take action if anybody came close to figuring out what was going on. Hence why she told Desmond that he was committing a "violation". Desmond questioning this existence threatened the stability of the ATL, which she wants to preserve at all costs. This would also explain why she was so adamant that they had to take John's body back. She knew what was being prepared by MIB, and creating the ATL all depended on the loophole being created by him using John's body.

It also feeds into her statement at the hospital when she said, "For the first time in a long time, I don't know what's going to happen next". So how does she know so much now? Because she got confirmation that MIB's plan succeeded. She was referring to his plan and whether he could pull it off and change things for her.

A stand-off is looming at the concert. Eloise will be at that concert, and our Losties will expose her for who she really is. Jacob's Judas!

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