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Son and Caring brother.
Set Designer.
Medical School drop-out.
Sports Fan.
Stadium Runner.
World Racer.
Button Man.
Time Traveler.

WOW! Desmond's character is prob 35-40 years old and he has done all these things....Amazing! Most people might not even experience half or even a quarter of those things in their life time(sad but true). Desmond could die today and even he would say "I had a full life, Brotha"! And to top it all off...his best friend is even a Scientist(Donavon).Desmond also has a unique immunity to Electro-magnetic energy("He doesn't get fried,just a nice light show...Harmless")....this makes him SPECIAL.

All his life....Fate/Destiny has had Desmond prepare and train his whole life for the Island,the Hatch,and when the time is right....DESMOND'S DESCENT INTO THE SOURCE! But before I get ahead of myself....let me explain some of Desmond's Extreme Prep-School Challenge.....


Med school,Monk,Soldier,and World Racer(Sailor).

It's these skills that is needed to get to the Island and live there. Sailing to get there. the Med school to take care of yourself if something happens to you. Monk, to understand and respect all the different heavy religious overtones and other inhabitants on the Island. Soldier part to hunt and protect yourself effectively on the Island(they showed us this when Him and Sawyer got up at the crack of dawn to hunt boar together,which Des was actually teaching Sawyer how to hunt for Boar.....this actually mirrors Cooper teaching John how to Duck Hunt).


Med school,Sports Fan,Drunk,Romantic,and Prisoner.

These skills were very important for Desmond's time in the Hatch.
Med School(again) helped him have a better understanding of the Hatch vaccine and how to inject it.Sports Fan....yeah,this ain't much of a skill...but Sports fans are good with remembering stats/numbers and I think this helped Desmond to remember the numbers better at first.Being a Prisoner is something that has helped Des from going absolutely batty in the Hatch.Prison helped him with learning to be confined/isolated to living in a small confined place.Romantic? Gives him something to hold-on to ,to keep him going.Drunk?...again,to keep him going during the hard times.The time in the Hatch was a mental and physical test I think...to prepare him for his next task at hand.....


Des is unique and I think because of this....Desmond is the ONLY person that can enter "the Source" cave and nothing will happen.

What is "the Source"? It's Electromagnetism that built up(Exotic Matter)...but of course,back in 43 A.D. they didn't have a name for it or even truly understand it back then.

What's in the Cave? Well...it's the end and writers are not going to be dragging stuff on so...it's simple...it's just another entrance to were the Donkey wheel is.So....we know the Island has been moved THREE TIMES.

1) By the DHARMA polar bear(that's why they were training the bears...they didn't want to risk a human).Why? Don't know?



What would happen if Desmond moved the wheel? I think in order to make the Island move/work...it's a trade or a buss pass if you like.It has to trade Energy/atoms to move....if it moves,it needs to use a small amount of energy from a small source(A person or a polar bear) to make the trade....the small energy source always gets expelled in Tunsia. But if Desmond does this....it doesn't effect him like us....I think Desmond would go nowhere and move with the Island....I think this would have a negative result and NOT sink the Island,but place it under water. Desmond is both the Harbinger of Death and the Savior of life in this case....I don't know? What does everybody think?

....also....I think(and feel stupid for saying this)...but when all the Losties get to the concert benefit(Y'know...the one with Jack's son,Charlie,and Faraday). Charlies dumb-ass "You all everybody" song will wake everyone up...why?...cause that's all Charlie did throughout the first season was sing that song and pound it into the other Losties head(Locke and Kate's friend Beth back home was his only fan)....their bound to remember it.

.....one last thing(that I thought was funny)....was yes,Desmond's stage set design/Acting days came back to help him with that horrible crank call to Jack..."We found your Dad's coffin, Broth...I mean...Sir". Just thought that was funny and cheesy at the same time.

This is prob my last theory before the finale so enjoy everyone.

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